What is BDGE? In 839 Words.

My name is Nick Ercolano. I'm the creator of the brand BDGE. BDGE is (well, it will be) the world's first fantasy football lifestyle brand.

Literally, BDGE stands for Big Dogs Gotta Eat. I realize how ridiculous that sounds. Where it came from is even more ridiculous tbh.

Back in my college days, we had what you call "Senior Week". Leading up to graduation day, senior week is planned by the graduating students. The goal: an entire week of heinous partying -- drinking, doing pots, sexy time -- and whatever else inappropriate college students do that I would NEVA take part in.

Long story longer, one of the senior week days had in store a giant beer Olympics tournament.

84 teams in the graduating class participated.

One team walked away victorious. Probably crawled away if I remember correctly. Which I don't.

But I don't gotta sit here and tell you whose team that was...

Rewind tho. Take it byke a few hours.

The Mauve Avengers (my squad) are steamrolling through the competition like we're JuJu and Michelle from business class on the opposite side of the pong table is Vontaze Burfict.




At this point in time, we're chillin', some might even say zominating. Not me tho. I'm not complacent. Yeah there were 84 teams when the opening bell rung. And yeah we're in the semifinals, but so what?

The last game of each round is the boat race. For those of y'all that attended virgin U, the boat race is simple: everyone on your team lines up in order and it's literally a relay race of chugging beer. Since I was an alcoholic byke in my uni days, I was the anchor on my team for the boat race. The mf Mariano Rivera of suckin' liquid outta solo cups. This particular semifinal matchup was noteworthy. It came down to the last game. The series tied up 2-2, only the boat race remained. Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurpadurp durp. Before I know it, it's my turn. I take my hand, the same hand that's writing this literal paragraph, I grab onto that solo cup filled with precious Keystone Light and slide all 12oz's down my face hole, in 2.9 seconds. For those of y'all not familiar, that's basically the equivalent of running a 4.27 40 at the combine. Anywho, I finish my cup, slam it down, take the DUB and unconsciously start barking out "BIG DOGS GOTTA EAT". 

It was beautiful.

At that moment, I felt how I'd imagine Freddie Mercury felt when he stepped out of the booth after recording Bohemian Rhapsody.

And that's where the name comes from. 

All jokes aside though, what it really means goes deeper. 

When I hear "big dogs" I think of people that want more out of life. Not just out of life, out of everything. Those who are willing to step outside the boundaries that they're told they have to stay inside of. Those people... are gonna eat. Big Dogs Gotta Eat.

I'm here to make sure of it. The name represents a lifestyle. My lifestyle. The lifestyle I want others to have the opportunity to experience. Having fun, enjoying yourself, but still accomplishing your goals by way of passionate, deep work and by chasingafter life, not having life chase after you. You can be ratchet, and then spiritual. You can work 19 hours a day, and binge watch 6 seasons of the Sopranos. I'd actually recommend the latter. In essence, there's no wrong way to eat a Reeses.

BDGE is a community-based, content-driven brand. We're all over the internet: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Patreon, Blog, Podcast, Amazon Alexa, all of which you can find links to at the bottom of this email. We're always going to stick to our values. Being yourself at ALL costs, fading the public and providing as much value as humanly possible through information, entertainment and motivation. Content is king. And we're coming for the throne baby.

Personally, I, Nick Ercolano, started this ting a few years byke when I thought I was all that in fantasy football. Turns out I was not. But I still like it. And I really like helping people get better at it. I started a god awful blog about fantasy football. But quickly came to realize that everyone & their motha already had a fantasy football blog. You can't break through and help the masses when everyone is already yelling on those train tracks. 

I was no good at writing. You should already know that by how poorly written this email is. Luckily, I like being on camera. I feel at ease when I hit the record button. The goat, I just hit record and float.

My YouTube channel is where you'll find most of our content -- much of it is fantasy football related, getting you ready for your draft throughout the summer, helping with sit/start and waiver wire Q's throughout the szn and hopefully helping you bring home your league's chip in December. 

But, I'm also a person. A human. I like to put out content related to my interests outside of fake football: Social media marketing, which is my profession. I left my full-time job at a marketing agency in NYC in April 2017 to freelance/have my own gig, and I now run Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns for online businesses.

I also enjoy the outs. All of em. Working out, eating out, going out (and drinking hella tequila). You'll see all of that on my bi-weekly vlogs. I publish them every other Wednesday on my YouTube channel -- where I intertwine my many and random passions -- marketing, fitness, nutrition, fashion/style, friends, tech, books, MONSTER energy drinks only the sugar free white ones tho stop playin, and a bunch of other random tings that get my heart and brain juices flowing.

So that's a bit about BDGE and myself. Hope you enjoyed that nonsense. But what about you? I'd love to know some more about you. Hit me back with an email if you're interested in any of the stuff I mentioned above and we can break bread.