Week 7 Waiver Targets + Week 6 Recap

Week 7 Waiver Targets + Week 6 Recap



Themes of the Week:

  • As always: RB injuries

    • Miles Sanders (knee)
      • This is fucking heartbreaking. The guy was just starting to get into his zone. He rips off another 70-yard run and gets tackled awkwardly, leaves the game and doesn't return. Over the L2 games, Sanders has 198 rushing yards on 20 carries... against BAL and PIT - that's why we loved him in preseason, he can give you those massive plays.
      • He dropped a fuckin, unreal TD catch - this felt EXACTLY like last year - when Aaron Jones was probably my most hyped guy for you guys, Sanders taking his place this year and Jones dropped that one easy ass TD reception I know yall remember that, and I remember tweeting out that the drop felt personal AF - same thing here with Sanders.
      • This should've been a 30-35 fantasy point day for Sanders easily.
      • Now they play on TNF vs. the Giants - Snacks is going to Philly for it, so say your goodbyes to him on Twitter while you can. I'm debating going, but the tickets are fucking $250, for a shit game, in a shit place, with I'm sure shitty weather, with shitty people. And two teams I could not give a fuck less about.... but content though. Maybe I'll start a GoFundMe for my ticket. GoFundMe.com/gmentickets
      • He's getting an MRI today at some point, but I'd expect not to have him for a minimum of TNF, maybe the week after as well, which is an absolute fucking travesty cause it's Cowboys, then they have their bye, so it might be Week 10 vs the NYG when he returns.
      • The pickup here is obviously Boston Scott - but Scott has been pretty useless this year, in Week 1 when he filled in for Sanders, he went 9-35 on the ground, 2-2-19 through the air. Though I have more confident in Scott this time around, easier matchup then the Football Team, it's another Football Team.
      • He's actually someone I'll be bidding semi aggressively on, given the likelihood of Sanders missing multiple weeks.
    • Joe Mixon (foot)
      • He left the game but came byke. Either way, it's that time of the year, I'm rostering Gio if I'm a Mixon owner.
    • Mark Ingram (ankle?)
      • Supposedly minor - getting an MRI today - could be low ankle sprain - important to note, they have their bye in Week 7, so there's a chance he doesn't miss any games, then they get three tough matchups vs PIT, @IND, @NE. 
      • If it proves to be more serious, it's going to be a committee, idc that you had Dobbins as your RB3 in this class or whatever, Gus Edwards is going to be used, and used a lot.
      • With Ingram out, Gus out-snapped Dobbins 32-30, and out-opped him 14-13.
      • They're both worth rostering if Ingram is out and are probably low-end RB2/flex plays against PIT.
    • Raheem Mostert (ankle)
      • He just got byke from the sprained MCL, was looking really good, but this was the reason we faded him to begin with. When we start projecting players for fantasy during the summer, and running backs with really amazing, very small sample sizes are there - they become extremely polarizing. You need to ask yourself two questions, IF THIS GUY DOES GET THE WORKLOAD WE HOPE, 1. can he hold up in the NFL with it, 2. can he maintain efficiency in the face of high volume - I.E. Kenyan Drake and Raheem Mostert. Perfect examples of why fading really small sample size exciting running backs tends not to work out in szn long.
      • If Mostert misses time, it becomes McKinnon's bykefield imo though JaMycal Hasty is right there and got a lot of work yesterday, more than McKinnon - McKinnon was really good with Mostert sidelined - He'll likely split work with somebody, but we don't know who. Tevin Coleman (knee) is still on IR, and while he’s eligible to return in Week 7, he could need more time to get healthy. Jeff Wilson Jr. (calf) missed Sunday’s night’s game, as well. JaMycal Hasty is an interesting stash, he saw some play time yesterday and we don't know the status of all these other RBs.
      • The next month of games for SF: @NE, @SEA, GB, @NO. Lots of traveling. You want McKinnon first if he was for some reason dropped, then probably Jeff Wilson, he'll be used if he's active.


  • Also, TE injuries

    • Jonnu Smith leaves
      • All we really needed was Jonnu to die for Anthony Firsker to rise from the ashes (9-8-113-1). 
      • He actually has a real interesting profile that I think can explain his breakout. 
      • He played at Harvard, but you can see the production is off the charts - CD 94th %, YPR - 81st meaning he's capable of big plays, BO Age - 88th %tile - and he was born in new jersey - 0 flaws on the profile. 
      • He was a big time athlete coming up - played WR in high school, he signed with Harvard to play both football and basketball.
      • His pure athletics, not good, but the agility score is really high, he's almost like a giant slot WR, where you're running up the seem, so you just need to be quick with your cuts to create separation in tight spaces - that's what Firkser can give u.
      • Depending on the severity of the injury, is what you'll do with Firkser, but if you own Jonnu, he's worth adding - though they get a tough matchup vs. PIT in Week 7.
  • Darius Slayton?
    • Slayton came into the game with a foot injury and it clearly had an impact on his play. He left the field limping in the second half but returned a few plays later. Looks like he'll just tough this one out. Has a tough matchup against Darius Slay on TNF. Wow, Darius Slayton vs Darius Slayton, so many meme possibilities running through my mind
  • Zach Ertz
    • Less concerning the Sanders' knee according to Philly. 
    • The fact that he's going for an MRI today too means it's probably not just nothing and with 3 days to turn around, I'd be surprised if he plays on TNF.
    • DJax is expected byke this week, Jeffery is probably a coin flip but honestly, I think Travis Fulgham will continue running as the real WR1, as the possession guy. He's looked really good, and with literally no other pass-catchers. I mean if you wanna get cute and pick up Richard Rogers, cool but I doubt he'll be ranked anything higher than like TE16 for me this week. Rankings will come out on Thursday - can get those on patreon.com/bdge


Okay, onto the meat and taters. 

I always know what to put in here based on what I get tweeted at me most during Sunday

  • I would say 90% of tweets I got yesterday were about D'Andre Swift. Y'all know how much I loved this kid in the summer. Had he never got hurt, I'm confident we'd have seen 2 or 3 games already this season like the one we did yesterday.
  • Swift goes 14-116-2 on the ground, catches 3-of-4 targets only 7 yards but still, 18 opps is beautiful. His 8.3 yards per carry was literally over 3x more than Peterson's 2.7.
  • Swift became the first Lions rookie back to rush for two scores and at least 100 yards in a game since Sanders did so in 1989.
  • But when have we seen this before? Kerryon Johnson's rookie year, with LeGarrette Blount. And not only is AP there, but Kerryon is too.
  • So, while it's nice to see, I didn't need this game to confirm to me that Swift was the best byke here and the most talented, going forward is all that matters.
  • How much confidence do I have that Swift is the guy going forward, objectively... not confident fucking at all. It's Matt Patricia here.
  • The backfield snaps were spit 38% to Swift, 35% to AP, 22% to Kerryon. We are slowly seeing Kerryon phased out, seeing 5, 4, 4 touches over the last three games. AP got 16 touches yesterday including a GL score, but it was good to see them trust Swift on the GL, after he got stuffed a couple times, they fed him again and he had a gorgeous leap over the pile to get in.
  • As we talked about many times over the summer, our vision was for Swift to be this year's Miles Sanders, and this is how it starts. Me, personally, I'm holding onto Swift - yall know I subjectively love this kid. If you want to sell him high, go for it. I don't think I fault you, but he does get the Falcons next week so he'll be chalky af, I won't be surprised if he gets 8 carries.



Julio Byke

  • Not even the best WR in this game with the initials JJ.
  • Shoutout Justin Jefferson.
  • Lord, im sorry if anyone sat Julio because I said I was risk averse to starting these guys. But he balled tf out and likely won you ur week if you played him. Safe to say Julio byke.
  • A.J. Brown byke
  • D.J. chark byke, with the ankle issue, was byke. Maybe not 100% but 14 targets, good lord.
  • All these farce injured receivers, not injured.


Ryan Tannehill is so good. That's all I'll say. He has nothing left to prove in my eyes.

I'd be hard-pressed to find 5 QBs I'd rather own in fantasy ROS.


Phillip Lindsay looked great.

  • Carried the ball 23 times, went over the 100-yard mark, still not getting targets though. No one in the bykefield is.
  • Melvin missed the game obviously, and I do believe a suspension is coming, I can't confirm this, but I do remember seeing somewhere that according to the NFLPA agreement, it's a minimum multi-game sspn for Gordon.
  • The next five games for the Broncos: KC, LAC, @ATL, @OAK, MIA. Any combo of those two games with Lindsay as the RB1 I'd feel real good about.



TJ Hockenson

  • TE8 on the year right now in PPG.
  • Not a massive day by any means, but another 5 targets and another touchdown.
  • He IS the Lions RZ and EZ target. He's leading the team in both categories, he's 3rd in the NFL among TEs in RZ targets, 2nd in EZ targets.
  • They are drawing up a ton of designed plays for him in the EZ. 
  • His next 6 games are: ATL, IND, MIN, WAS, CAR, HOU. Outside of Indy, It's wheels up.


    Brandin Cooks/Watson since no Bill


    Watson byke, but Brandin Cooks seems to be usable again, more importantly. You can start Cooks as a WR3 for sure. Next week they're at home vs. GB - so whoever Jaire Alexander shadows, which is likely to be Will Fuller, it opens up things for the others. Important to note, Cooks is NOT the slot receiver, that's Randall Cobb, both Fuller and Cooks are running 77% of their routes outside. So Cobb might be a sneaky play next week..


    Tim Patrick

    • All he does is produce
    • He's a lite Mike Williams
    • Literally same thing, QB chucks the ball really far down the field on the sideline, Patrick/Williams goes up gets it over the defensive back and then mid-air the Undertaker is invisible and choke slams the fuck out of them.
    • I mean listen, with Sutton out, and Drew Lock not gaf about throwing it downfield, he's gonna be the guy that gets those 50/50 balls. He's worth picking up and you can do worse than him in your flex, I actually started him yesterday in a league over DJ Chark.


    Tight End Pickups

    • Trey Burton
    • Gronk
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