Week 7 - Top Fantasy Football D/ST Streamers

Week 7 - Top Fantasy Football D/ST Streamers

For those of you who tuned in, we were 4-for-6 last week with our only misses being a slight letdown from the Panthers and getting no return for our bet on the Colts. There are some very intriguing spots and familiar teams to look at this week. Here are the D/ST streamers for Week 7:



“I Just Need Some Points” (D/STs Owned In 70-20% Of 10-Team Yahoo Leagues)


Denver Broncos – @ Arizona Cardinals


            Albeit on the road, heading into a matchup with arguably one of the NFL’s worst offenses is always a great spot for D/ST streaming. The Broncos showed some surprising moxie last week in a close loss to the Rams and their high-powered offense while netting five sacks and a turnover. The opportunity is there for Broncos to make a splash with a solid repeat performance and I do like their chances to do so. However, I will touch on their worst-case scenario for this week a bit later.



Indianapolis Colts – VS. Buffalo Bills


            Yes, we are heading back to the well with this one even after last week’s letdown against the Jets. The reason is simple – the Bills might be starting Nathan Peterman at QB this week. Of all the stats to pick on Peterman with, for this week I choose this one: Peterman has thrown an interception on almost 10.5% of his career pass attempts. Pitting Peterman against a Colts defense that is both in the Top 10 for both sacks and interceptions this season, I like those odds. A solid stream this week, even if the Bills end up choosing to start newly-signed Derek Anderson over Peterman.



“So, You’re Saying There’s A Chance” (D/STs Owned In 20-10% of 10-Team Yahoo Leagues)


Arizona Cardinals – VS. Denver Broncos


            So, about that worst-case scenario for the Broncos D/ST I mentioned earlier. As our reference point, the Broncos have allowed 500-plus rushing yards in the past two games. Now, if there is any part of the Cardinals offense that can take advantage of the Broncos defense it will be their reliance running the football with David Johnson. I have talked a few times about the Cardinals talent on defense that can easily perform should the Cards offense just give them some sort of help. This week, I expect the Cards to try and gain control of this game early via the run game to put the pressure on a so-so Broncos offense to produce. Never a safe bet, but the Cardinals are in good spot here after putting up two great D/ST outings on the road. I like the Cardinals D/ST to make a solid stand this week at home.



Atlanta Falcons – VS. New York Giants


            If there was ever a matchup where this Atlanta defense could come through, it would be this week against the Giants. A Giants team that has only scored 20-plus points in 2-of-6 games and allowed multiple sacks in 5-of-6 games bodes well for a banged-up Atlanta defense to put up what could be their best fantasy performance of the season. In their friendliest matchup to date, the Falcons could certainly surprise this week.


“You Might Want To Look Away” (D/STs Owned in <10% 10-Team Yahoo Leagues)


Buffalo Bills – @ Indianapolis Colts

           I won’t call you out for point-chasing with the Bills D/ST this week, but I will give you props for your bravery. After back-to-back solid fantasy outings against a sputtering offense (Titans) and a sloppy one (Texans), the Bills will be up against a mixture of those two teams in the Colts offense on the road. Always prone to a couple interceptions and sacks, this Andrew Luck led offense provides opportunity for defenses who can take advantage. While the Bills wouldn’t be my first choice to do so, they have as good a chance as any this week in Indy.


Detroit Lions – @ Miami Dolphins

            Forget what you saw last week from the Bears D/ST. Three things haven’t changed despite the Bears blowing a double-digit point lead last week to the Dolphins: Brock Osweiler is not a good quarterback, Frank Gore is still 35-years old, and the Dolphins do not have a good offense. With Ryan Tannehill questionable for Week 7, picking on a turnover-prone Brock Osweiler coming off a career day should provide the Lions the chance to give the Dolphins a back-down-to-earth type of matchup. Coming off a bye, this is still a Lions team that kept both the Patriots and Packers in check for their two wins this season. This Dolphins team is a far-cry from that type of challenge. The Lions are worth a bet this week, but they would admittedly lose some confidence should Tannehill be able to play.



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