Week 5 Notes

Week 5 Notes



falcons HC gone GM gone

- our current DC Raheem Morris takes over as interim




  • Watkins (hammy)
    • pulled up, un-touched mid-route - probably a multi-week injury if I had to guess, and I'm only technically a doctor.
    • So after Sammy left, we saw Hill lead the team in routes run, Demarcus Robinson at WR2 with 38 routes and Mecole Hardman with 36.
    • Both are okay adds, Robinson has done nothing this year, I'd prefer Hardman as a pickup even though we'll probably keep seeing him be the WR3 in routes run - but he offers week to week big play upside.
  • Dak
    • This was one was ugly mane. Like one of the more brutal, emotional injuries we've seen in some time.
    • Dalton goes 9-11 111 yards.
    • It doesn't matter who Dalton is at this point in his career - this support cast will make sure he's at worse your QB2 in superflex leagues. 
    • He's the top SF pickup this week on waivers.
  • Baker Mayfield (ribs)
    • could be rib contusion (akers) or rib fracture (x rays negative so good sign)
    • Mayfield says he'll be ready to play - if you own Mayfield in SF - tbh it's probably not worth it to pickup Case Keenum because they're playing at Pittsburgh next week.
  • Kyle Allen (shoulder)
    • I was shook watching Alex Smith run onto the field. I was really nervous.
    • Great come byke story - but he was terrible ifwbh.
    • I think Rivera wanted to see if there was a cindarella story to be had there and found out quickly there wasn't so they're going byke to Allen next week against the Giants.
    • I'd rather Allen out there than Smith for Terry's sake - but somehow, Haskins might have been the best option for Terry.
    • What we loved about Terry even with eratic QB play from Haskins was his floor of 5-60, 4-80/week and every other week an explosion of 120+ yards.
    • This was worrisome, but I'm holding onto Terry, not panicking.
  • Dalvin Cook
    • likely groin strain - medical 10-14 days. after 14 days the reinjury risk is less than 10%. both David Mont and Hunt had this. So as long as it doesn't come byke as something serious like a grade 2 strain or worse, it's best case scenario for Cook owners.
    • Obviously Mattison becomes the #1 WW add for the week given his workload. 
    • Mattison out-snapped Mike Boone, 43-5 and out-touched him 23-2 when Cook exited.
    • Went for 112 on the ground, caught all 3 targets for another 24. 
    • He's right up there in the RB1 conversation as long as Cook is out.
    • Boone is definitely an interesting stash too if you have room.
    • He killed me last season, going for fuckin 33 yards in the fantasy championship only to go off for 160 and a tug the next week in week 17.
  • A.J. Green (hammy)
    • Tee Higgs ^^^
    • Higgins seems to be a very real thing in Cincy as early as right now for fantasy. Since he got on the field in Week 2 he's seen 30 targets, 7.5/game. He's not doing a whole lot with them, besides those 2 TDs in week 3 - he's averaging 53.5 yards/game, which would be around 850 for the season on a 16-game pace, great for a rookie for sure, but realistically, nothing more than a middling WR3/flex play.
    • If AJ Green misses time though, this could become a target funnel to Boyd and Higgins.
    • If Higgins wasn't picked up already, he's definitely a priority add as well.
  • Diontae Johnson - 
    • Speaking of other rookie WR priority adds, this dude Chase Claypool. Diontae Johnson leaves with a byke injury. 
    • We don't root for injuries, but if a player is gonna get injured, we root for it to be a byke injury so we can say it 30 times.
    • Disappointing year for Johnson who had the calf in pre-season, the concussion, in-season and now the byke thing,
    • We don't know the severity of Johnson's byke thing - could literally be nothing - could be byke next week, from the byke injury. Might not be byke next week from his byke injury.
    • Claypool went nuts - he said hold my beer, hold my nuts, hold my whole brajole - caught 7 of 11 targets for 110 yards and 3 scores.. also had a rushing TD. 
    • Ben seems to love Claypool. More than he loves JuJu. 
    • Want to talk about a disappointing season from a Steelers WR, he's gone over 48 receiving yards just once back in week 1. His fantasy finishes so far:
      • WR6
      • WR48
      • WR34
      • WR53 (MNF and TNF not included)
    • And it's clearly not a product of the pass offense being bad.
    • The team overall is averaging 29.5 ppg. And Ben is borderline top-10.
    • Some more usage stuff on Claypool:
  • D.J. Chark (ankle) + Tyler Eifert (neck)
    • We have no update on Chark, I believe Eifert suffered a concussion so he's probably 50/50 for next week. You can laugh away Eifert, but after week 1, where they threw the ball 20 times, he's had 6, 3, 6 and 7 targets. It's not nothing. And on that note, since Week 1, where the Jags threw the ball 20 times, Minshew has gone over 40 pass attempts in all four games - this is the Jaguar team we expected.
    • Which makes another rookie WR Laviska Shenault super interesting in a home matchup this upcoming week vs. Detroit. If Chark and Eifert are both out, this is gonna be money for Shenault who's now had at least 5 catches in three straight games - he's quietly WR27 on the year with only a single TD to his name.


Henry Ruggs?

  • Caught 46 yarder in 1st


This is what I was tryna say about Carr during the summer mane. 

So Ruggs looks like a full-go.

Agholor out-snapped him 55-45, there's room for more field time for Ruggs.

Ruggs caught 2-of-3 for 118 yards including the 74 yard score - but that's the type of stuff Ruggs brings to the field. Something to note here however is that Ruggs and the Raiders have their bye in Week 6.


Chase > Drake?


Hollywood, buy low?

  • So high in air yards, etc
  • He has the single most deep targets this year with 15, only 4 of them have been catchable, he's caught all 4.
  • Jackson is struggling throwing downfield, pretty badly - 4th highest rate downfield, 5th lowest adj. completion %.
  • I like Brown as a buy-low still. I think this Ravens team and coaching staff is too smart not to get things clicking on offense. 



  • jimmy benched
  • mostert byke
  • deebo snaps

Shanahan said it was the ankle that he needed to sit him for, it might've been performance related, but it's possible that the performance was ankle related. ionoo. He's questionable for Week 6 against the Rams.

On a brighter note, we have Mostert coming byke and looking good af like he did before. Played on about half the snaps, went 11-90 on the ground, saw 3 targets. McKinnon played like 20-25% of the snaps. Very unfortunate for him. But clearly Mostert is the guy to own, McKinnon is rosterable, everyone else ded to me,

We had Deebo play a full set of snaps - 89% of snaps - tied Kittle with a team-high 8 targets.... didnt do shit with them, you know why? because only 3 of the 8 were catchable


Travis Fulgham?

  • I actually had this guy on a couple taxi squads last year with the lions - his profile is super enticing - but then i dropped him when patricia did.
  • He was awesome on Sunday - became pretty much the only guy Wentz would throw to, but idk how long that will last.
  • Big game, but DJax and Jeffery going to be byke. Reagor in a couple of weeks I believe.
  • It's possible the Eagles coaching staff are just like let's let this kid get his chances rather than continuing to trot the dusted djax and jeffery on the field for the 3rd straight year.
  • I'm not spending any FAAB on him, but it was fun. 

Joe Mixon

- 6 receptions


D.K. Metcalf

shoutout to Russell Clay @russelljclay on twitter - who pegged Metcalf as the dynasty WR1 like a month ago, before it was cool to do it.

Man is this guy fucking balling out. For the third straight week we'll tell you that he is untradable in all formats.

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