Week 17 Waiver Wire + Week 16 Recap

Week 17 Waiver Wire + Week 16 Recap

Teams who may rest

I think:

Packers (vs Bears)

Bucs (vs. Falcons)

Steelers (nothing to play for but vs. CLV who win & in)

Seattle? (vs 49ers)Chiefs (going to see Henne vs. LAC)


Kyler Murray

  • Happened on one of the last plays of the game.
  • They said he got his "leg-whipped". Have no idea wtf that means, but every indication is that he should be fine
  • Should be good for week 17 but Kliff says status is uncertain


Matt Stafford (ankle)

  • Had to leave and Chase Daniel came in. 
  • QB Matthew Stafford was diagnosed with a sprained ankle early in yesterday’s loss to the #Bucs, source said. While it doesn’t appear too serious, given where Detroit is in the season, sitting Stafford the final game would make some sense. 

Deshaun Watson (elbow) 

  • finger in lineman mask
  • mideal elbow injury
  • "It sounds like he avoided serious injury. He will get imaging done to determine the severity, but the team sounds optimistic. I would sit him and not risk further injuring the elbow but reports are he will play in Week 17."

Jared Goff (thumb)

  • Will need surgery, fractured and dislocated. but still might play, but doubt he does so effectively. 

Darrell Henderson

  • on the 1 yard line, looks like high ankle sprain
  • going to miss next week if that's the case, Akers already out with a high ankle

Terry McLaurin (ankle)High ankle sprain, he's out Week 17.

  • He'll finish the year
    • 126-80-1078-3 | 2-30
    • 16 game pace
      • 144-91-1232-3.5
  • Have to wonder what the FT does at QB this summer. I'd actually imagine it's a somewhat enticing landing spot for a QB. Near-elite defense, Ron Rivera as HC, Terry, Logan Thomas emerged, Antonio Gibson.
  • It doesn't look like they're going to have a high enough draft pick to get a QB in the draft, or at least one you can be confident in being the franchise QB. They're 15th right now.
  • Next week can swing things and I wanna say they can move into like the top 8ish if they lose and bunch of other teams win.
  • Here are some FA QBs:
    • Mitchell Trubisky, Jacoby Brissett, Rivers, Fitzpatrick heh (I'd pick Terry 1.01), Dalton, Cam?


JK Dobbins (chest)



George Kittle

  • Led the team in targets (5) 4-92. Looked very good.
  • 22.7% target share
  • 1-16 for Aiyuk. Won't put too much weight into this one, because it was with Beathard under center, and he only threw the ball 22 times. The team ran it 30. But, this it's still really difficult to get a grasp on this passing offense bc Deebo and Kittle miss so much time, so what does it look like when they're all on the field, honestly we might never know. The Deebo vs. Aiyuk debate should be fun next year.
  • Play Seattle next week - who hav been playing reallly good defense.

Antonio Gibson

  • 10-61, 4-3-8, pretty much exactly what I had projected.
  • Looked fine for someone coming off a high ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago.
  • They play philly next week, who just let an also ailing Zeke top 100 yards, 139 yfs.

Myles Gaskin

  • 14-87 | 5-82-2
  • Monster day
  • I had Gaskin at I think RB22, above Ahmed this week, but we didn't know how the backfield was going to split. Ahmed got the first couple touches and then it was all Gaskin from there.
  • next week against the Bills gonna be an RB1


Waiver Wire

Ke'Shawn Vaughn

  • Here's the thing.. They were up 40-0. And once RoJo is byke, Ke'Shawn Vaughn is not getting playoff reps here.



Jeff Wilson

  • Absolute god
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