Week 17 Picks Against the Spread

Week 17 Picks Against the Spread

To say this year has gone well would be a vast understatement. I don't know who blessed me, but I certainly appreciate the help all season long. This will be the last edition of spread picks, and since I didn't have all too much time to put it together this week, there will be no writeups. I hope my consistency allows you all to follow my picks blindly this one last time. I appreciate all the support and hope that all the mortgages you placed on these games allowed you to put some food on the table.


Last Week: 10-6-0


Current Record: 135-105-0

SuperLock Record: 23-9-0



Get hot, stay hot. We've got three more to cap off the szn. 

1. Cleveland Browns (-2.5) @ Cincinnati Bengals

2. Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos (-3.5)

3. Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams (-6.5)


Everyting Else

- Buffalo Bills (-1.5)

- Green Bay Packers (-12.5)

- Los Angeles Chargers (+8.5)

- Minnesota Vikings (-1.5)

- Miami Dolphins (+15.5)

- Atlanta Falcons (+0.5)

- New Orleans Saints (-12.5)

- Washington Redskins (+10.5)

- New York Giants (+4.5)

- Indianapolis Colts (-3.5)

- Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5)

- Tennessee Titans (-3.5)

- Seattle Seahawks (+3.5)

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