Week 16 D/ST Streamers

Week 16 D/ST Streamers

“I Just Need Some Points” (D/STs Owned In 70-20% Of 10-Team Yahoo Leagues)



Tennessee Titans – VS Washington Redskins


            The Titans were a target for stashing prior to the fantasy playoffs but are right on the edge of possibly being unowned in your league. If they are unowned? Pick. Them. Up. The Titans have hovered around being a Top 15 fantasy defense for most of the season, and they haven’t had much sustained high-level outings until their schedule eased up significantly over the second half of the season. Facing off against a Redskins team that is now on their fourth starting quarterback of the season, can’t run the football, and is fielding an injury-riddled offensive line, the Titans are a high-ceiling high-floor floor D/ST this week. Smells like championship D/ST production to me.


Dallas Cowboys – VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers


            Like the Titans, the Cowboys have been a good, not great fantasy D/ST. Using the term “high-powered” to describe the Bucs offense seems outdated as they haven’t scored more than 14 points in the last two weeks while also adding to their league-leading turnover total with an interception in each game as well. In a must-win game for the Cowboys, I expect them to come out and do everything they can to shut down the Bucs. I like their odds to do so.


Miami Dolphins – VS Jacksonville Jaguars


            Here’s a stat for you, the Jags have only scored two touchdowns in the three games since Cody Kessler took over at quarterback. They have also had four turnovers, allowed 13 sacks, and not scored more than 13 points in that span. Yeah, the Dolphins are a solid play this week. This current Jags team is #NotGood, and I think the Dolphins add more fuel to that fire.


Indianapolis Colts – VS New York Giants


            A Giants team that got shut out against the Tians last week, at home, is not a good look heading up against a Colts team that is gearing up for the playoffs and just shut out what was the hottest team in the NFL last week (Dallas Cowboys) after shutting down the previous hottest team the week prior (Houston Texans). Not that he would help this offense that much at this point, but if Odell Beckham Jr. remains out then I expect to see more #BadEli against a Colts team at home in a must-win game. The Colts have let us down in spots a couple times this season, but I think this is a spot where they come through in a big way.



“So, You’re Saying There’s A Chance” (D/STs Owned In 20-10% of 10-Team Yahoo Leagues)


Cincinnati Bengals - @ Cleveland Browns


            The Bengals have somewhat turned things around after going through a month getting absolutely torched on defense. They have turned things around over their past three games and are producing back around the average NFL level. However, on the road against a Browns team that is still alive in the playoff race is NOT a good spot to trust a Bengals offense to produce, especially one that has lost nearly all its playmakers on offense to injury. This is also the same team that lost 35-20 to this same Browns team back in Week 12 while recording no fantasy points. You literally could do worse this week, but the Bengals don’t have the worst matchup as the Browns still have a rookie quarterback and have struggled with consistency on offense all season. Take the plunge if you dare.



“You Might Want To Look Away” (D/STs Owned in <10% 10-Team Yahoo Leagues)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers - @ Dallas Cowboys


            If you are one for teams that look to play the spoiler, then the Bucs are your team this week. It isn’t the best idea to pick on a desperate Cowboys team playing at home, but you could make a case for this Bucs defense at least based on their recent play. As much flak as Jameis Winston gets for his poor decision-making and turnovers, you could make a similar argument for Dak Prescott as well, and not just one that is based solely on recent play. Since he entered the league, Prescott has]consistently had bouts of poor decision-making and a penchant for turnovers. A bit of what I said in favor of the Cowboys earlier applies here as well, as the Bucs have amassed 11 sacks and 10 ten turnovers in their past four games. If you are in a tough spot, the Bucs should be able to give you some usable points this week thanks in part to the Cowboys themselves.

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