Best & Worst 2018 Fantasy Football Playoff Strength of Schedules

Best & Worst 2018 Fantasy Football Playoff Strength of Schedules

As we look towards the playoffs, you have to start planning ahead. If you stream QBs, TEs & D/STs matchups can dictate whether or not you're coming home with the hardware in your 2018 fantasy football league. So, I've compiled a few cute lil charts and graphs and numbers and tings to help you plan. I do the dirty work, y'all pay the bills. Y'all know the deal, these are the big facts only.

I am allowing you to download these charts in a file. It will be the first link in the video description. So realistically, you can stop watching, just head to the link down below, download the charts and don't need to watch this, but you won't get my analysis of course. So, again, the first link in the description, I recommend you download the charts just to have whether you watch the video/listen to the podcast (if you're on the podcast, this is a much more visual episode so peep us on YouTube. While you're down there, hit that thumbs up button, please!

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Week 14 is a good one to own the bad QBs on this list considering how many streaming options there are. If you can grab that would be ideal, especially if you're riding Goff. Goff is on the road @CHI in Week 14 and on the road @ARZ in Week 16 which isn't terrifying but they're better against the pass then the run.

On the flip, Baker takes on Carolina at home and then CIN at home. Panthers defense is largely fraudulent. People think they're good, but they're not. Especially on the road. They've allowed the 7th most FPs to QBs this year, and over their last five road games have allowed 312 yards/game to QBs and 12 TDs. Dak also has two really good matchups in Weeks 14 & 16, as he's been super hot in fantasy. Two home games, Philly & TB. Gorgeous.

At this point, you're probably not starting Matthew Stafford in your lineup, but if you were, starting looking elsewhere for Weeks 15 & 16. He'll play on the road at Buffalo, and for as big of a joke as Buffalo is, their pass defense is really good. They're literally allowing the fewest fantasy points to QBs in 2018.

Dalton has OAK at home and Cleveland in Week 16, so if you do own Stafford, he might be the guy to grab. He'll will be solid, and likely dropped this week so the % owned will be lower, but he'll have A.J. Green back by then so the offense will run smoothly again.

If you have one of these guys, in Week 15, you should grab someone now, because the pickings are slim for streamers as you can see.  Lamar Jax is the guy you want tho, as he'll get KC in Week 14 and TB at home in Week 15.

And speaking of Josh Allen, man. He could be big Weeks 14 & 15. He's had a couple of monster fantasy games in 2018. He's pretty much Blake Bortles but with a higher rushing upside at this point. He went off on Sunday for 100 ground yards. He'll play the Jets & Lions at home in Weeks 14 & 15. The Jets have been mediocre at best over the last month and half/two months vs. QBs, and against QBs that can run we've seen them surrender a lot of ground yards. 51 to Trubisky, 44 to Tannehill, 28 to Bortles.

fantasy football playoffs strength of schedulesfantasy football playoffs strength of schedule

There are a lot of options at defense if you don't own a Chicago or whatever. As always, you're looking for teams that are favorites to win the game, at home with a low over/under total. The bigger the spread the better. The lower the game total, the better. It's not an exact science, but if you find a team that hits all three, I'd say 75% of the time the fantasy defense will give you around 8+ FPs and usually better. Not everyone on this chart hits all three criteria, but they hit at least 2-of-3, you can probably use your common sense otherwise. Account for things like injured players, backup QBs, etc.

Last note, this chart is completely MY DATA. These lines are NOT pulled from Vegas. These are MY projections for what the spreads and over/under will be. I'm pretty good at projecting these things, it's not that difficult, I'd say I'm within like 80-85% for most of them. So, feel free to do your due diligence when deciding for your own.

You see Denver on here for all three weeks. New England, Buffalo, Tennessee are all on here twice. I lowkey like Kansas City a lot in Week 14 at home against Lamar Jackson, but what's better is their Week 13 matchup is Oakland, so you're getting two streamable weeks. The best thing to do is really plan it out, sit down and pick up multiple defenses that will satisfy that slot for the next three-four weeks. I'm definitely not above rostering two defenses, even three if you have the room on your roster and your starting lineup is solidified. Like if you own Mahomes, you're not streaming a QB. If you don't need backups, you're good to go for the ROS.

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