Week 11 Waiver Wire - Week 10 Notes

Week 11 Waiver Wire - Week 10 Notes



David Johnson - on IR

  • Duke filled in, went 14-57 on the ground, 
  • I don't want to take much away from this game because of the weather, but for Duke owners it's encouraging - he got every RB carry on Sunday, only had a single target unfortunately but over the next two weeks at home against NE, not in a hurricane, and then against Detroit, Duke will be fine to get byke into your lineup.

Jamycal Hasty (broken collarbone)

  • Obviously he gone - 
  • Next man up. They have a bye in Week 11 - Mostert should be byke following the bye, they didnt put Coleman on the IR, so it suggests he could/should be byke so Hasty had his collarbone metaphorically broken going forward whether or not it happened in real life.
  • Get well soon bruther.

John Brown (ankle)

  • not good could be 1-2 weeks, but if there's a fracture in there it's obviously gonna be longer, likely the remaining fantasy szn, which would be great news for Stefon Diggs ad Cole Beasley, downgrade for Allen. I'd pick up Beasley if I needed someone.

Drew Brees (rib)

  • Rib contusion/fracture?
  • Played through the 1H and realized he couldn't go in the 2H
  • Will have MRI Monday - not expected to be long-term injury
  • So, Jameis Winston!!!
  • Idk about you, but football is just better when Jamies is on the field.
  • Next 3 games: ATL, DEN, ATL.
  • But again, if anything it sounds like it'll be strictly a one week thing, max, but we'll know more following the MRI.
  • The matchup is obviously fantastic for Winston but when you look a bit deeper
  • Taysom hill worse than eBay he's taking his 20% and then it comes down to whether or not they trust Winston to throw the ball. I'd imagine Kamara is going to catch 17 balls instead of 13
  • If Taysom is available for the TE slot on your platform (i know yahoo doesnt), they have him there on DK or FD or something, makes no sense, but take advantage of that for sure. there are like 3 TEs in the league that you can actually guarantee weekly touches, and Hill will be in that group if Brees is out.

Matt Stafford (thumb)

  • say he'll be limited at practice, but optimistic he'll go.

Teddy Bridgewater (knee)

  • suffered an MCL sprain on Sunday, source said, and he’s considered day-to-day. All things considered, pretty good news.
  • Depending on swelling he can go in Week 11.
  • looks like CMAC out again what a shame since they get the Lions.
  • what a waste of a beautiful fantasy matchup.
  • XFL stud PJ Walker would be in line to start. I'd look elsewhere, he offers a little bit of mobility, and he's shown some promise but I'm not excited about starting the floor version of a floor QB in teddy b.


Committee or Titty

  • DSwift(!!)
    • Let's fucking go (I wrote infinite !!!!! in my notes on this one)
    • This one felt different. It did. It actually felt like a changing of the tide. It wasn't a game we looked backward on and were like well he played well, I wonder what's going to happen.
    • They came out before the game and said Swift has taken over as the starter.
    • Like no need for them to do that, announce it and make it a thing, unless they're actually comfortable handing over the reigns.
    • And hand over the reigns they did.
    • 16-81 on the ground, 5-5-68-1 through the air.
    • AP 4-21, Kerryon 1 carry 0 targets
  • Among 33 backs with at least 70 carries on the year, Swift is 6th averaging 4.7 ypc, 4th in YPRR, he's got 6 TDs on the year and I'd be surprised if he doesn't finish with double-digit.
  • The schedule ROS is for the most part gorgeous:
  • Plug ROS rankings for Patreon.
  • Fournette vs. RoJo
    • i tweeted this out: its like bruce arians is in the sequel of 50 first dates, he needs to relearn that the first 8 carries for rojo are going to go for 18 yards.
    • And then RoJo busted off the 98 yard TD run - went for a buck 90... but like it's still not a backfield you can trust imo. Fournette still running more routes, they're still splitting carries inside the 10.
    • Ridiculous that someone can go for 190 and you still can't trust it lol.
    • They get the Rams next week which is a real tough matchups for RBs, 30th in FPs allowed to RBs over the last 5 weeks.


Welcome Byke

Nick Chubb

  • Welcome fucking byke. 19-126-1 on the ground. Goes out of bounds at the one yard line on a 60 yard run to ice the game.
  • Todd Gurley looking at him sideways.
  • Hunt played really well too, 19-104 and caught 3-28. Was expected given the weather (texted out weather updates on sunday morning - sign up)
  • Going forward, expect more of the same, both of these guys seeing 16-20 touches/game, both RB1s

Miles Sanders

  • Another game in which he should've had 20+ FPs easily.
  • Good to see him byke after 3 weeks and looking 100%, like when you watch him play, he looks fantastic. 15-85 on the ground, giving him 35-283 over the L3 games, over 8 ypc (against PIT ,BAL, NYG). Of course the killer in this one, Boston Scott breaks away a big TD, which was an egregious call he clearly stepped out at like the 8 yard line, made no sense. And then later in the game, Sanders breaks off like a 20 yard run, they take him out to get a breather and Clement vultures him on the GL.
  • Still got plenty of faith in Sanders, anther 20 opportunity game - if anything, anything at all luck-wise starts breaking for him rather than against him, he's going to be great down the stretch.

Kenyan Drake 

  • Man what a disappointing turn of events here for Chase Edmonds. Drake misses like two weeks with the high ankle sprain, which I guess might not have been a HAS? Gets the start against Buffalo, fucks up multiple plays, fumbles but Kliff continues to push the ball to him and he goes 16-100 on the ground, his second good game on the ground.
  • They're @ Seattle on Thursday night (which we'll be live streaming) so he's going to be more of a mid-low RB2 for me. 



  • J.D. McKissic with 94 targets. Just an absurd rate. He had 15 on Sunday. That's insane. He had 14 last week, 15 this week. Second among all NFL RBs with 62 targets on the year. Alex Smith might be the common denominator here - his aDOT this year is 5.3, lowest among any of the 33 qualified NFL QBs. This ain't changing any time soon as long as Smith is under center and they get a juicy matchup vs. Cincy. He's a pretty solid flex play in PPR leagues next week.
  • Diontae Johnson
  • He's still very much the Steelers WR I want to own ROS despite big days for JuJu and Claypool, consistently.


Waiver Pickups

  • Stash Cam Akers if you have room. He had 10 touches to Brown and Henderson's 8. It's still very messy, we don't know who is going to catch passes and it's impossible to tell who is getting the ball on the GL but it just seemed watching that game that McVay started to trust Akers, however, again he's just a stash right now, like he said in the summer it's going to be a committee and it probably will for the ROS, but Akers has the most upside.
  • Pick up Devontae Booker, you won't be able to start him, but this is easily the time of the year when you need to stash the RB1 upside handcuffs. Jacobs has one of the heaviest workloads in the NFL (182 carries), only Henry has more. He also lowkey has more receptions this year than James Conner, Kareem Hunt & Dalvin Cook which was wild to me. He's on pace for 323 carries and 364 overall touches. Jacobs is a tough dude, plays through injuries but he takes a BEATING. Same reason you hold Jamaal Williams, Duke Johnson, Gio etc you do so with Booker.
  • Salvon Ahmed looks like another guy you have to pick up. They made Jordan Howard a healthy scratch despite not even having Breida active. Ahmed played on like 80% of the snaps but got almost every RB touch. Went 21-85-1. And if we've learned anything from MIA this year it's that if they trust a back, they're going to feed him. And I'm done saying well Breida might be back next week, don't care. Myles Gaskin is on the IR through at least Week 11 - doesn't mean he'll be back for Week 12 either, but that's the earliest for him to return. Ahmed is a top pickup this week at RB, I'm not going to think too hard about this one.
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