Top Rookie Running Backs

Top Rookie Running Backs

Rookie running backs tend to be one of the absolute best sources of fantasy value in today's fantasy football world. A lot of them get drafted into fantastic situations, but there's always the unknown of never seeing them do it in the NFL. They get more and more hype because social media puts all of these rookies under the microscope, dynasty fantasy football is getting more and more popular, so players know more about these rookies, earlier, than ever before. That unknown factor pushes them back a round or two further than they should be going in fantasy drafts, but we can tell a ton by how a player produced in college as well as their combine numbers what they'll likely be at the next level. And listen for those of you that get mad at looking at the combine, it's not the end all be all by any means, but what it does is put things in perspective - cause you have Rick and Steve watching college prospect X. Rick says that prospect X is really fast and he loves him, while Steve says ehh I don't think he's really that fast or agile. That's what the combine does, it literally tells you, relative to other backs in the class how fast a guy is. Oh, he plays a lot faster, oh this or that, like no Rick he literally runs a fucking 4.67 he's not fast - your subjective opinion on a player is wrong. You can still like a player, but the NFL combine lets you understand how fast/quick/strong/whatever a prospect is relative to the other guys in the draft. So, we have a good idea based on their production profile in college, their size and their testing what they can be at the next level.

We're going to be talking about these rookies from a redraft standpoint today. Over the last five years, we've had at least one rookie finish as a top 10 fantasy RB every season. We've had at least two in 4-of-5 seasons. Last year we had 3 top 15 running backs, the year before 4 top 15 - like this shit is real. If you've been following me all offseason, we've already put out a TON of content over the last few months and we've talked rookie running backs plenty, but I think it's time to get updates on the top ones since there is definitely some nonsense that has been coming out of the rookie camps. And a lot of you guys are just starting to gear up and get ready for fantasy season so there's plenty of value to give out. I know this class is considered a shitty RB class but I think we'll have at least one guy emerge as an RB1 a top-12 guy.



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