Running Back Winners from Free Agency

Running Back Winners from Free Agency

Chris Carson

Carson resigns with the Seahawks, two years $14.6M. I'm really happy for this dude. He's laid his entire life on the line for the Hawks and the repaid him. They could've took him off like a used condom and thrown him away. But instead they decided to put it back on!!! Sorry no one needed that at 5 am.

As the diamond hand folk would say, they bought the dip, Carson is coming off of one of his worst years as a professional:

Injuries plagued Carson for most of the year, however. Which probably led to the dip in volume, 

In 2020, Carson played in 12 regular season games, and after seeing 16+ touches in 93% of games in 2019, hit that mark in just 50% of games.

But on an efficiency level, Carson was as good as ever, setting a career-high with averaging 4.8 yards/carry, he averaged just 0.2 fewer FPPG than in 2019, and his per/game receiving numbers paced out to: 61 targets and nearly 50 receptions and 383 yards.

Carson is only 26 years old, nothing in this backfield has proven to be any sort of competition for him: Penny, DeeJay Dallas, Travis Homer dude been in the Seattle backfield longer than an at risk 90 year old been in the house

According to Underdog ADP, Carson is RB23, 46th overall back-end of the 4th, you can give me that all day and tomorrow and the day after that too.


Chase Edmonds

Kenyan Drake is gone to commit sins in Las Vegas after Jon Gruden committed a sin in signing him. Not even the devil is on board with that shit.

Leaving the backfield open to Chase Edmonds.

Or so the Cardinals proclaim.

Chase set a 3-year career-high with 150 touches last year.

Could this be a similar situation to Austin Ekeler, where you're good as a backup but forced into a starter role and explodes? There have been to games over the last two years where Kenyan Drake was out and Chase served as the starter - he had 29 and 28 touches in those two games.

There is nothing else on this depth chart to challenge him.

The thing we're obviously all looking out for is what they do in the draft. So, what could be a double bonus for Chase Edmonds --- they gave up their 3rd round pick to get former Raiders center Rodney Hudson, so not only did they improve the offensive line for Chase, but possibly traded away the pick that could be his replacement.

The Cardinals have the 16th overall pick, they're not taking a running back there and then the 49th pick in the 2nd round. And then nothing until the 5th. So, if Chase can skiiiirt his way past that 2nd round pick not being a running back, arrow to jupiter for him.

Despite his size, Chase is a 3-down player and the Cards have shown that they're not afraid to use him accordingly.

At his -> 

Current ADP: RB27, 59.9

That's beautiful. If they don't take an RB in round 2, Edmonds will be a high-end RB2 with RB1 upside in that offense.

Mike Davis


i love this signing

this backfield was so bad last year. you had allen iverson saying that this group needed to practice more.

mike davis was a fantasy revelation last year for Cmac owners who grabbed him. 

as of right now, davis is the starter for the falcons. currently, gurley is where he belongs. in an ice bath. and everyone else stinks: ito smith, even our great hope brian hill is gone as an UFA.

The draft will obviously decide wether this remains the case, or to what degree of a committee this will be. The Falcons have all of their pick except their 7th rounder, but also have 3 5ths and 2 6th rounders.

Now I know everyone wants the Falcons to grab a Travis Etienne, etc.

The Falcons haven't selected a running back earlier than the 73rd pick (3rd round) since T.J. Duckett in 2002. Since then, the highest they've gone were two third round RBs, Tevin Coleman and Jerious Norwood. Everything else was late round picks. 

But, they have a new GM now, from the Saints Terry Fontenot and a new coach in Arthur Smith who saw massive success with Derrick Henry, so I'm not saying it won't happen. Arthur Smith is going to be bring in a FAR more balanced offense to Atlanta so it's good for all RBs involved.

we know what mike davis is. he's a guy who can do everything, and that's about it. he's not explosive, but he will stay on the field forever and be fine doing that. he was 4th among RBs in receptions, the Falcons didn't really pass to their RBs and neither did Arthur Smith, but..

Current ADP: RB39, 111

Miles Sanders

I don't think most people really think about Miles Sanders as a winner, but I do.

They could've gone after a Jordan Howard type beat, but they didn't it's just Sanders and Boston Scott coming byke.

Jalen Hurts has gone ahead and gotten the nod from the front office after moving back from 6 to 12 in the draft. We like RBs behind mobile QBs.

Miles Sanders bout to bounce byke harder than Randy Johnson throwing a rubber ball against a brick wall.

Current ADP: RB16, 27

Myles Gaskin

The Dolphins were linked to just about every big name free agent running back at one point or another: Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, Ameer Abdullah, James Conner. Ultimately, they let Matt Breida walk. Well, probably limp. And signed Malcolm Brown. Absolute needle mover.

Any of the big name FA signings would have ruined Gaskin. But none of them happened. Here's what we know - the Dolphins want to use a workhorse

Here's what we don't know - who that's going to be.

The Dolphins have stupid draft capital and it's front loadedIdk that it necessarily means they have a higher likelihood of going with an RB, but it doest mean that if they do decide to draft an RB there, they're moving Gaskin out of the starting role

So this is a FA video - Gaskin won FA bc they didnt sign anyone, the draft could be a whole nother story.

Current ADP: RB30, 80

Aaron Jones

I love him being byke with GB. Their offensive line is awesome, though them losing Corey Linsley, PFF's highest graded center in the NFL is going to hurt - regardless, he's byke under Aaron Rodgers' offense - who was the highest scoring offense in the NFL last year - Rodgers' TD rate of 9.1% was fucking absurd and can only mean more TDs shifting to the running backs in 2021.

Jamaal Williams is outta there, so more pass-catching work for Jones, even if that means a little bit less ground work given to AJ Dillon.

The Packers again, willingly, chose not to do anything at WR in FA so there's a good chance Jones is their #2 pass-catcher again.

Current ADP: RB8, 12

Melvin Gordon

Philip Lindsay is gone. Royce Freeman stinks.

They signed Mike the gawd Boone, but I think Gordon has a chance to again be one of the more underrated, high-floor RB2s in fantasy football again this year.

I mean it wasn't pretty but he literally finished as an RB1 (RB12) in 15 games.

He had over 1100 total yards and 10 touchdowns.

There's really no reason that can't happen again. Do they try to find the next Philip Lindsay in the draft? Maybe - can you say Javian Hawkins out of Louisville my friends? 

Current ADP: RB26, 55

James Robinson

I mean, Carlos Hyde is their big signing. Not only did they bring in an underwhelming FA, but it almost definitely protects this backfield from adding a back from the first two days of the draft.

Was it ever realistic for them to spend big money on a FA RB, no.

They do have a ton of draft capital though. 2 1sts, 2nds, a 3rd, 2 4th and 2 5ths. It's very likely they draft a running back, but I doubt it's in the first two rounds, and if that's the case it's still 100% James Robinson's job to lose.

Current ADP: RB18, 29

I think that's perfect for him and would consider him a buy there. He's probably not going to have a ceiling like he did last year based on volume alone, bc that's going to come down but he's going to be a high floor player in an ascending offense.

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