ROS WR Rankings (Week 11)

ROS WR Rankings (Week 11)

Biggest RB ROS Movers


D'Andre Swift (RB24 -> RB14)

Kenyan Drake (RB30 -> RB19)

Raheem Mostert (RB28 -> RB24)

  • bye week 11, return from IR Week 12


James Conner (RB6 -> RB8)

Cmac (RB10 -> RB27)

J.K. Dobbins (RB23 -> RB29) 

Melvin Gordon (RB25 -> RB31)

Chase Edmonds (RB22 -> RB34)


Wide Receivers

Players on bye:

Before we get into the rankings, I did them in tiers actually. Like i was talking about in Saturday's video, it's easier for me this way then to try to argue WR11 vs 12, I don't really like one over the other but you have to order them. 


Tier 1 - Tier 2


Tier 3 is big.

I'm 3 spots higher on McLaurin then consensus,

The only even relatively tough matchup here is SF. I know Carolina is down there in terms of FPs, but they are not good against the pass. They rank 31st in coverage per PFF as a team and bottom 12 per FOs too.

It's cream for Terry, he's basically shown this year that he's both matchup proof and QB proof, a dangerous cocktail. He's been shadowed 4 times this year:

  • Darius Slay (Wk 1) | 5-61
  • Pat Pete (Wk 2) | 7-125-1
  • Trevon Diggs (Wk 7) | 7-90-1
  • James Bradberry (Wk 9) | 7-115-1

Diggs right behind him only cause he has a bye and I used that as a tiebreaker, if he didn't have the by I might've put him in tier 2. 

Then Will Fuller at WR9. Which is actually 5 spots higher than consensus. And some people might question this, but if you're a Will Fuller owner, you know just how damn good/consistent he's been this year. He had the Week 2 game where he was basically a decoy with the hammy, where he posted a donut, and this previous week where neither QB threw the ball bc it was 800000 mph winds. Without those two games, we have 7 games, and he scored a touchdown or went over 110 yards in every single one of them. Went over 100 yards in 4-of-7. He's been incredible.

It looks scary, but I'm not worried about the matchups tbh. NE has been okay defending the pass, but Gilmore has been out for 3 straight weeks and idk if we see him in Week 11. Detroit obv not a bad matchup, they just allow so much to the RBs that teams dont pass, but HOU is terrible at running so I don't expect that to be the case. Indy is obviously really tough, facing them twice, but again they're phenomenal against the run, I know Henry went over a buck against them last week, but this is Derrick Henry time, double digit weeks, Week 10 + that's when Henry kills down defense, before this they hadn't let a rusher top 72 yards on the season, and Kareem Hunt needed 20 carries to hit that. So definitely not a tough matchup, but again somewhere I don't expect the Texans to run much and have to go pass heavy. The last two times Fuller played Indy, he went 7-140 and 4-49-1. Obviously a bit of a different team, but intra-division games are always whacky. Bears sucks, but Cincy is juicy af in chip week.

List rest of tier

Adam Thielen I have at WR11 which is 4 spots higher than consensus for some reason. He's WR8 right now. and like he showed last night, he can still get it done for fantasy against tough teams. Sure he's been a bit inconsistent but he's still awesome. Tied for the NFL lead wit 9 rec. TDs

Im deadass just listing my WRs in the ETGD.

I have MT at WR12.

He's been bad this year for fantasy obviously and the last two games have not been encouraging. Now we have Jameis under center, who didn't look good this weekend, and while yes we're used to seeing Winston sling it 40+ times a game, that's now what this offense is. As long as Brees is out, Taysom is taking 20% of the QB snaps, and they're going to lean on the ground and RB designed plays. Yes, he's still MT, but tbh I was hesitant to rank him even this high.


Pittsburgh Steelers

I'm going to put it simply for you:

I'm not playing guess games anymore. Pretty much every week I'm going to rank Diontae first, JuJu a little behind him and Claypool a little further down.

That's it. I'm not going to think too hard about it, not going to change it based on what happened last week and for some stupid fucking reason think that that exact thing is going to happen again the next week. I'm ranking them based on talent. 

Because these guys play all over the place, we're never going to know the real WR/CB matchups, so unless If a team comes out an explicably says something like CBx will shadow Diontae, it's not going to impact what I'm doing here. Per PFF, Johnson and JuJu are yet to be shadowed this year, Claypool was shadowed by Bradley Roby in Week 3 and Maclolm Butler in Week 7, you probably wouldn't have guessed that, which is my point.


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