ROS RB Rankings (Week 10)

ROS RB Rankings (Week 10)

We are in Week 10, meaning there is 

  • if your playoffs start in Week 14:
    • 4 reg szn, 3 playoff weeks
  • if your playoffs start in week 15
    • 5 reg szn, 2 playoff weeks

7 weeks in total left, if you're chip chasing, and we are.


Notable players that have not had their bye yet (or have them this week):

*Insert Chart*


Notable playoff schedules:

  • David Montgomery
    • MIN, bye --- GB, DET, HOU, minny again, JAC in chip week.
      • GB, DET, HOU, that slate is literally the three friendliest defenses to fantasy RBs. DET = 32.3 GB = 30.1, HOU = 28.3, fppg to running backs on the year.
  • Derrick Henry
    • three straight really tough matchups, just had CHI, now he gets IND, BAL, IND again. after that starting in week 13 = CLV, JAC, DET, GB.
    • Henry is gonna win some chips this year, as long as you get there.
  • On the exact flip side, you have Dalvin Cook. So with Henry, you're getting 3-4 real tough ones right now, then breezy in the playoffs.
    • Cook got GB, DET last week leading up to CHI this week tough, but gets DAL, CAR, JAX, before the fantasy playoffs hit where he's @TB, home vs. CHI, and @NO.
  • Seattle's schedule is really tough as well.
    • they get the Rams this week, who have been one of the toughest run game opponents on the year, and #3 over the last 5 weeks.
    • they get philly and then both new york teams, both much tougher on the ground then through the air.
    • fantasy playoffs @washington, vs LAR. Number 30 and 25 over the L5 weeks.
    • if you can move chris carson right now, someone believing he's ready to come back full strength, etc - im cool wit that.
  • Specifically for a guy like Miles Sanders
    • Outside of the Saints in Week 14, it's wheels up for my guy. Giants this week, browns (11), seahawks (6), packers (2), .. saints... arizona (pace - 27), dallas (15) in the championship.
    • Sanders only needed a week, two max to heal from his injury, so given he's had 3 week coming off their bye, I have no concern about the injury.
  • Zeke is likely fucked.
    • Didn't do shit against PIT, now he has a bye. Gets MIN who has been surprisingly stout against fantasy RBs, 7th fewest FPs allowed over the L5 weeks.
    • Then, WAS (25), BAL (29), then CIN been surprisingly good against the run last few weeks, then his playoffs are SF (31) and PHI (24).
  • I don't love what the Chiefs RBs are dealing with either.
    • 1. it's a committee, 2, they have their bye this week.
    • Then, it's @ LV (30), @ TB (28), DEN (much more stout vs. run then pass), @MIA a good matchup but not a pushover like previous years, @NO (32nd), ATL (31st over L5 weeks), another team much better against RBs then pass. ATL has allowed just 573 rushing yards to RBs (28th in NFL / 63 yards per game - 2nd fewest in the NFL) and 3 rushing TDs, fewest in the NFL.
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