Rest of Season Fantasy Football Running Back & Wide Receiver Rankings || Week 13

Rest of Season Fantasy Football Running Back & Wide Receiver Rankings || Week 13

Running Backs 

  • Derrick Henry up to RB1
  • Austin Ekeler moves up another 5 spots, he's my RB3 ROS. I'm not thinking about this one too hard. Coming off of a career-high 25 touches. Byke to byke games with Herbert under center where he's caught 11 passes in the game.
  • CMac at RB9. He's got his bye in Week 13, otherwise he'd probably be up in the top 3, but he'll be fully healthy coming byke from the bye and he's gonna go nuts from Weeks 14-16.
  • Chris Carson big mover up to RB11 after returning from the month-long hiatus bc of his foot injury. Carson 8 times for 41 yards and a tug, caught 2 passes for 18 yards so not a huge day but he looked great. The obvious concern here is that Carlos Hyde out-snapped him 41-25, saw more touches and we don't know how much that will be the case going forward. It seems like it's them easing Carson back into his role, but they said Carson was sore after the game, so it's possible he's limited again in Week 13's game. But I want a piece of this backfield regardless and I have confidence Carson is going to be the 1 here sooner rather than later. They get the Jets and Giants byke to byke, without Daniel Jones, these are gamescripts that both running backs could actually be in your lineups.
  • At 12, 13, 14, we kind of have a clusterfuck of Miles Sanders, Josh Jacobs and Zeke. None of which I'm confident in at this point, but all have upside and are featured on their teams. Jacobs dealing with this high ankle sprain, if he misses this matchup vs the Jets obviously he drops. **Look at Miles Sanders' PP page** Sanders gets the Packers, NO, ARZ, DAL - which should theoretically be a great finish to the year, but with Wentz under center, it's unlikely and it hurts bad.
  • Kareem Hunt has slowly been sliding down since Nick Chubb has come byke and running like a man possessed. Hunt started off that way, scoring 6 times in the first 5 games, but despite being featured for at least half of the next 6 games, Hunt only scored twice over those 6 and Chubb has obviously taken back over lead duties, getting 19, 20 and 19 carries since coming byke. And don't look now, but Chubb ran more routes than Hunt did on Sunday 14-12. Are they shifting this to a true 3-down role for Chubb? Probably not, but a mf can hope! FYI I have Chubb up at RB5 ROS.
  • CEH is a faller for me, dropping 6 spots to RB15. He's one of those guys that we all just fall victim to on a weekly basis. Has a good game, moves up, has a bad one, we come byke down to earth. This was one of them. This is just the realistic part of the Chiefs offense. Games where Tyreek Hill does a 200 dance in the 1Q, it's an air game. A game where the Chiefs throw the ball 50 time and run it just 16. Ceh got 11 carries, he's not a big play guy. Yes he's good at the chunk plays of 15 yards, you can see he's #6 in the NFL with 7 breakaway runs, which is 15+ yards on, but he only has 3 carries of 20+ yards, that's usually the case with guys like CEH and David Montgomery's, shifty, but don't have breakaway speed, they have trouble hitting that second gear. But on 11 carries you need TDs or like 30-40 yard plays which he doesn't give u often:
  • Another guy who swings weekly is Ronald Jones. Another big game from him, Arians says we need to get this guy 20+ touches, could care less about that statement. It tells you he's the starter going forward, but he's been the starter all year and it's come with good and bad games. For me, I'm basically looking at matchups for RoJo and that's it. Look at his splits vs. good run defenses and bad
  • Unfortunately, over the next two weeks they get the Vikes and the Falcons, both bottom 12 run opponents, but Week 16 vs Detroit you can play him! 

Wide Receivers

  • Not much movement in the top 10
    • Julio is sitting at 6 with Ridley at 9, both ranking spots will depend on their health: hamstring and ankle
  • The TB Bucs schedule after their bye tho: MIN, ATL, DET. If you don't need a Week 13 win, them Mike Evans shares look fiesty.
  • The next highest riser was Justin Jefferson from WR22 to WR17. Thielen is expected byke this week, and he's up at WR11. ROS.
    • Huge game in Week 12 (13-7-70-2), as expected with Thielen out. Thielen might be out again in Week 13 - but a big trust booster especially in the RZ where Thielen might've been getting all those targets.
  • With Will Fuller gone, it opens up a ton of opportunity for Brandin Cooks obviously, so he does move up, but maybe not as much as you'd think. Just from WR18 to WR16.
    • The volume should be more then enough to keep a safe floor, but there's a good chance we don't see a Will Fuller type ceiling. There's nothing wrong with WR16, the top 15 in fantasy this year is really stacked it's like debating between guys like Michael Thomas, Allen Robinson, Lockett, so he's not out of the range of top players, these are all guys that I'd definitely prefer over him.
  • DeVante Parker is a huge riser this week. Moving up nearly 10 spots from WR30 to WR20. But this will also hinge on the QB situation out there in Miami. With Tua's thumb keeping him out, Parker is the want to Fitz's magic. 14-8-119, 36% target share. We've heard reports that Tua might be going this week, also heard reports he could be out multiple weeks, so again always just stay in tune with the rankings on Patreon.
  • Another, depender - Robby Anderson. It looked like DJ Moore's injury was going to be serious, but they have their bye in Week 13, and it turns out that the XRays were negative, it's just an ankle sprain meaning he has a real chance of suiting up in Week 14. If Moore misses time tho, its Spaghetti Anderson time, eating Spaghetti at fincenzios til the championship.
  • PIT WRs
  • Deebo Samuel huge mover as well, up from WR35 to WR25. Blew up last week and he's fully byke from the injury finally. We'll see Aiyuk's status which will take a piece of the pie, but Deebo is the alpha here. Maybe Aiyuk runs more downfield routes, but it's clear that this offense, around Nick Mullens is not based on downfield routes. There's a reason they draft and sign the YAC gawds to fill up their roster, bc that's their gameplan. The championship weeks are beautiful, too. DAL and ARZ? YESSIR.
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