Q&A - June 15 (Early Round Strategy 2020 Fantasy Football)

Q&A - June 15 (Early Round Strategy 2020 Fantasy Football)

It's a good question. A loaded one. Lots of bullets in the chamber. We do get a sense that RBs or more bust proof - WRs are safer, more consistent, in the first round etc. 

Bust rate was lower on the top RBs - It also majorly came at the expense of upside - they finished with a lower rate of top-end games, and TOP TOP END games.

Michael Thomas busted at about the same exact rate as Cmac, Henry, Zeke Cook and Ekeler. He also had fewer week-winning games than Cmac Jones Henry & Cook. It only gets worse from there.

I think the better question might just be the value of these positions. It's nice to get consistency in the first round, or two rounds, but you shouldn't sacrifice upside or positional advantage in doing so.





So, for keeper leagues, there's a lot nuance to it. How many years can you keep them for? What's the buy-in, relative to what you're comfortable with spending to win - how many players are being kept - what are the rules.

The keeper leagues I've played in are one year keeper, two years max. 







Not many. I've opened a few over the years - NYC, a dynasty league, etc - it's fun to do, I'm sure Snacks and Animal would do it - or other people on the team - but the in-season is too hectic for me producing content so I don't want to host a league and half-ass it with y'all.

If I do, which I might still - I'll make announcements on YouTube and my other social medias so make sure you're following, but the announcements won't be until like August.




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