NFL Pro-Day Updates, Everything You Need to Know

NFL Pro-Day Updates, Everything You Need to Know

We're not going to go through every pro-day or nothing like that, but some of the guys that stood out.... okay so basically we're going through every pro day because these pro day numbers, every single damn day, were more surprising than Andy Reid's food order at a Taco Bell.

Some dudes came in 20lbs lighter than expected. Other dudes were supposed to run in the 4.3s, tipped the 4.5s, and vice versa - the amount of dudes who couldn't break a 30 yard TD in-season but are out here faster than Usain Bolt, it's a thing of beauty. Those covid lungs must actually be a superpower.




Some of the BIGGEST surprises


  • Only really Justin Fields, running a 4.51.
    • 99th % for QBs.
    • He's a pocket passer first, but when you're a top pick in the draft, you're probably going to a team where you're going to be under pressure a lot. Fields' averaged nearly 40 rushing yards/game and scored 15 rushing TDs over the last two years as Ohio State's QB. Means great things for his floor as a fantasy QB, no reason he can't be what Jalen Hurts was last year, with a better arm/pocket presence. We don't need him to be Russell Wilson.
  • Zach Wilson looked phenomenal throwing the ball at his pro day too, just saying.



- DeVonta Smith nor Jaylen Waddle worked at Alabama's pro day

  • Ja'Marr Chase. I mean it's not a surprise that he's athletic but GODDDDAM. He weighed in at 201lbs unfortunately, the 210 would've put him up into one of the top overall dynasty prospects not just among rookies, but overall. but if there was any question whatsoever who was your rookie WR1 before pro-days.... u should be left question-less.
  • Rashod Bateman: there were just erroneous reports about him being 6'2-210. I get it, we all wanted it to be the case. If he was, and had the same testing numbers he might've surpassed Chase. Bateman came in at 6'0-190lbs. You hate to see that. It's fine overall, but for someone that was consistently being comped to Allen Robinson, etc -- not a good look. And I know, y'all are gonna be like HE HAD COVID THAT WHATS why he dropped all the weight. Please stop recycling everything 40-character piece of text that you read on twitter. This is straight from his mouth. He got COVID in 2020, which is why he said his play wasn't up to par, but right after the pro day workout... he says he's 190lbs, he doesnt know where 6'2 came from.. He's never in his life been above 200lbs, and he's more physically fit at 190 than he was at 195 so his playing weight is 190. Stop trying to say he had covid 8 months ago and he is normally 6'2-210, it doesnt shrink you. This absolutely doesn't mean he cant be good: CeeDee Lamb, Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, Calvin Ridley, Diontae Johnson --- all sub-200lb guys --- all highly coveted dynasty guys.


  • Terrace Marshall also tested really, really well. I still think he has concerns, could never be more than then WR3 when other big time guys were there, and a huge % of his dominator rating came by way of TDs which isnt a great indicator on a predictive level -- but boy do those ant hills look a lot like a former LSU WRs bumps (DJ CHARK). Marshall is firmly sitting inside BDGE's top-8 rookie rankings, but the risk is certainly there, as is the upside.
  • Elijah Moore we did a whole ass video/breakdown on him last week, ill link that below.
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown people were big mad at me when i said this
    • Then he went out an ran a slower 40-time than Willie Snead. But his burst was nice -- he'll be a much better playmaker in the slot, quicker, more agile, more big plays for sure. Amon-Ra was just never a guy that popped for me on tape, and the pro day time confirmed why.
  • Anthony Schwartz from Auburn ran a goddamn 4.27 adjusted to 4.32... he's all-world sprinter so no surprise here: He's a good football player, I don't think great - I think a team looking to add speed will take him, but im not necessarily in love with his game.
  • One guy I did love was Tamorrion Terry from Florida State this behemoth of a man. Was supposed to be like 6'4-220 running a 4.37. A tale as old as time.... he didnt. He's 6'3-207lbs and ran a 4.50. So he's tall, not abnormally fast without agility and burst... and he's old. He went from outside alpha to tall skinny slot real quick. So he dropped pretty far in my rankings, though I still think he can be good.
  • Tutu Atwell, getting some 1st fucking round buzz from Mel Kiper is irresponsible. Guy weighed in at 155lbs. I'm not someone who avoids based on weight, like I liked Hollywood Brown, but Hollywood Brown is like if Tutu Atwell ate Tutu Atwell. Hard pass here.


Running Back

  • Travis Etienne came in THICCCC 215 baby. 4.5 flat, looking gorgeous. A little bloated, but gorgeous nonetheless. That 215 is huge, there were reports he played at 205 and that's still possible but a 215lb Etienne gives you the possibility of 3-downs at the next level.
  • All of these middling RBs, where we had basically talked about, after the top 3 (Harris who didnt test, Etienne and Williams) you have a handful of backs - Gainwell, Chuba Hubbard, Jermar Jefferson that were getting so much hype, but are so much less a tier than those other guys.
    • Gainwell weighs in at 201lbs, runs a 4.52. People were ecstatic that he hit 200lbs. But can we think about that for a second. He hit 200lbs. That's what he is. A 200lb, 4.52 guy. I get it, he's a great pass-catching back, but bad speed, small, bad burst and size. J.D. McKissic for me.
    • Chuba Hubbard was never good. So many comps being thrown around about him being Philip Lindsay or Tevin Coleman, i would like to say i was the first with that last year after his 2000 yard season. Everyone can take their victory laps on the comp now, only because I've been off the track and hung my shoes up 9 months ago. Chuba was supposed to runs some bullshit like a 4.3 something, comes in at like 4.53. That was his calling card, and he folded.
    • Jermar Jefferson, you wanna talk about speed as a calling card. This was my sentiment in the draft guide, the 40 time is going to be huge for him, because he's not elusive at all. His 9.8% broken tackle rate ranked 110 out of 114 college RBs, so he needs that legit breakaway speed like we saw in college... dude runs a 4.6 at 206lbs. Massive L.
    • So, this class ain't shaping up like we thought it would, huh.
    • Which leads me to some of the risers... Elijah Mitchell. You know I was going crazy about Elijah Mitchell a couple weeks byke, how he's the next underrated 3-down workhorse, weighing in at 218lbs... With a name like Elijah I guess my guy was fasting for some holiday, cause he came in at 201lbs lmao. Idk what happened. But I also thought he was gonna run a 4.6 --- clocks in at fucking 4.40 flat. It's the best weight-adjusted speed score among any back that tested this year. I dont even know what to make of this. He's wildly athletic
    • I think Trey Sermon is worth talking about too. No one thought he was fast, but 215lbs with very good agility and burst, puts you in that Josh Jacobs, James Robinson, Kareem Hunt range. You know what the beautiful thing about that player spectrum is? Draft capital don't fuckin matta!!!!! First-rounder, 3rd rounder, undrafted, in reality the NFL doesn't care if you're slow as long as you thicc and can wiggle like jello.Sermon was never a burner in college, he won with subtle quickness at the line of scrimmage and between the trenches. He'd made quick moves in tight spaces (hence the agility score) and blow through the line for a quick 8-17 yard gain (hence the burst score). I'm liking Sermon more and more.
    • This one fucking hurt, but Rhamondre Stevenson -- yall know i liked big boy from Oklahoma, but he ran a 4.69 with very little athleticism outside of agility. His upside was that of an Eddie Lacy or a Carlos Hyde but those numbers just ain't up to par with what they pulled off. He's obviously moving down the rankings, but still keeping an eye out on him. One never forgets his first love.
    • The last running back to touch on, this kid Chris Evans out of Michigan. I still have yet to scout him officially, his profile will be going up in the draft guide sometime this week, but this kid balled at his workout. Came in over 210lbs, Decent 40 but great burst and agility. He's a much older prospect, he'll be borderline 24 years old when the season starts, he came into Michigan in 2016 so he been there for 5 years lol and never really had a breakout year. The more I look at his profile, the absolute more disgusting it gets lol. But this is about the combine and my guy did it up.

Tight Ends

  • Kyle Pitts blew the combine away, no surprise there. Pat Friermuth is recovering from shoulder surgery so he didn't compete. Brevin Jordan had a disappointing pro-day all things considered.
  • Hunter Long out of Boston College though, TE to keep an eye out for. 6'5-254lbs, decent speed score and two years of solid college production - most TEs barely get a year of good let alone two. He's probably my TE4 in this calss.
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