Midseason Awards & 2nd Half Predictions

Midseason Awards & 2nd Half Predictions

It's officially November, it's to put out those pumpkin scented candles and the light the match to the mashed potato scented. This also means we're halfway through the fantasy football szn. *Licks finger, checks calendar, see's "Week 9", dabs*.

It's time to look back and discuss which fantasy football players are clappin cheeks for ya. Who were the surprises, the midseason MVPs, the biggest busts, etc. etc. etc. As well as some predictions for the 2nd half of the season.


Patrick Mahomes - QB, Kansas City Chiefs

ADP: Overall 115, QB16

Current Ranking: QB1

Leads the league in passing yards and TDs, 27.9 FPPG, which I believe will be the highest scoring fantasy season ever.

Andrew Luck - QB, Indianapolis Colts (?)

ADP: Overall 115, QB16

Current Ranking: QB6

Only three fewer TDs than Mahomes. Bumpy start, but has been on fire.

Adam Thielen - WR, Minnesota Vikings

ADP: Overall 30, WR13

Current Ranking: WR1

Nothing to say here. 3rd/4th round pick, 8 straight 100-yard games.

Emmanuel Sanders - WR, Denver Broncos

ADP: Overall 70, WR29

Current Ranking: WR12

8th in receptions, 11th in yards, and half of his games have been 20+ PPR games. This previous week was his worst statistical week of the year, going 4-57. He's likely a key staple to your team if you have him.

Any other WRs? Maybe Davante Adams, or the Rams WRs - mainly Woods and Kupp when he's healthy.

Todd Gurley - RB, Los Angeles Rams

ADP: Overall 1, RB1

Current Ranking: RB1

Melvin Gordon - RB, Los Angeles Chargers

ADP: Overall 10, RB8

Current Ranking: RB2


James Conner - RB, Pittsburgh Steelers

ADP: Overall 170, RB60

Current Ranking: RB3

October POM. At the end of the day, RBs don't matter.

James White - RB, New England Patriots

ADP: Overall 108, RB41

Current Ranking: RB7

An afterthought. He was the 8th NE player off the board in fantasy drafts and 3rd running backs. He already has 55 receptions. Last year he had 56, in 2016 he set his career-high with 60. He's been ridiculously consistent, double-digit 0.5 PPR in all eight games, over 14+ PPR FPs in all 8, over 23.5 in 4-of-4 and has scored at least once in 6-of-8, on pace for 1,326 yards and 16 TDs with 110 receptions.

There was a trade in one of my leagues last week, White for OBJ, and when it happened I sided with the White side. 

Adrian Peterson - RB, Arizona Cardinals

ADP: Overall 112, RB42

Current Ranking: RB12


Not sure I can include any TEs on this list, to be honest. Ertz (TE1) and Kelce (TE2) are obviously great, but idt they're league winners, considering the draft capital you spent, and their FPPG aren't much higher than Ebron (TE3), Cook (TE4), Kittle (TE5). I think I might actually put Ebron on here with the run he had while Doyle was gone. 

Best Waiver Wire Pickups

Mitchell Trubiksy - QB, Chicago Bears

- Currently QB4 in FPPG.

- On pace for 4,146 passing yards, 34 TDs.

- 2nd in NFL for QBs in rushing yards (677) behind only Cam - on pace for 677.

Phillip Lindsay - RB, Denver Broncos

- Currently a top-15 RB while playing on only 40% of Denver's snaps.

- 93/531/3/5.7 + 23/18/136/1 on pace for 1,334 total yards and 8 touchdowns.

- Dripping swag tbh.

Marlon Mack - RB, Indianapolis Colts

- At one point or another, he was probably available on your WW. But he's absolutely dominated over the past three weeks.

- 401 total yards and four touchdowns in that span. RB3 over L3 weeks.

- The matchups couldn't have been better, so I'm intrigued to see what happens moving forward, but in this offense that's rolling, you've got a high-end RB2 at worst ROS.

Tyler Boyd - WR, Cincinnati Bengals

- On

Eric Ebron - TE, Indianapolis Colts

- Currently TE3 on the year. Much to do with Doyle being sidelined. 

- The crazy part is that when Doyle has been in the lineup, Ebron has played on 45, 26 and 22% of the team's snaps, but he's averaging 11.5 FPPG in those three and has scored a TD in all three games. In the five weeks without Doyle, Ebron averaged 13 FPPG, 0.8 FPPG fewer than Kelce, including a week-winning 27 point Week 5 at NE.

STREAMING DEFENSES IS THE GOATFantasy defense ranks 2018


Due to Injuries:

  • Leonard Fournette
  • Dalvin Cook
  • Devonta Freeman
  • Jay Ajayi
  • Evan Engram
  • Jerick McKinnon

Doing WOAT Things

  • Le'Veon Bell (if you didn't grab Conner)
  • Derrick Henry
  • Chris Hogan
  • Amari Cooper
  • Demaryius Thomas
  • Royce Freeman
  • Allen Robinson
  • Josh Gordon
  • Corey Davis
  • Rashaad Penny
  • Jamaal Williams


  • Keenan Allen
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Jordan Howard
  • Marvin Jones



Second Half MVPs

Cam Newton - QB, Carolina Panthers

  • 23, 26, 28 FPs over L3, starting to heat up. Olsen has been good. Moore is starting to get more involved. Those last three games were @WAS, @PHI, vs. BAL.
  • ROS Schedule: 

John Brown - WR, Baltimore Ravens

RBs: Kerryon, Aaron Jones, Dalvin Cook, Sony Michel, Dion Lewis.

- Kerryon: just a stud and hoping the coaches do the right thing. Tough 2H schedule though.

- Jones, clearly the lead back here with TyMont gone. Should get more carries/targets moving forward. The offense is averaging 28 PPG over L3. The reason he wasn't used as much was trailing so much and he was 3rd receiving option. Looking at schedule going forward, only matchup that worries me is @MIN in Week 12. Other games should be wins or close game scripts.

- Cook is a stud and should be coming back after Week 10 bye. We've seen what Murray has done, Cook is much better. His playoff games are home vs. MIA (3rd most FPs) and @DET (6th most FPs to RBs).

- Sony, stud when healthy. Averaged nearly 21 touches/game in games he was healthy, scoring four times in those.

- Lewis mane. Over the last four weeks, he's getting 67% of snaps compared to just 34% for Henry. He's also averaging nearly 15 touches/game and has caught at least three passes in 5-of-7 and 5+ in 3-of-7. Believe it or not, he's still on pace for around 1,100 total yards and over 66 receptions. He only has 1 TD on the year, however, which is killing him and TDs are impossible to predict, so we're gonna hope for a positive resurgence. He only has 2 GL rushes, but Henry only has one and has just a single target in the RZ, 0 in the 10z. Next bunch of matchups, DAL, NE, IND all rank in the top 5 in terms of receptions allowed to opposing RBs.


- I like Doyle to do great.

- McDonald as well.

- O.J. Howard too.

Howard and Doyle have tough ROS schedules against TEs. But McDonald gets BLT who have been shit as of late (13th most FPS), then CAR - most FPs. Tough stretch of JAX, DEN, LAC - but you remember last year playoffs McD went 10-112 against JAX, DEN's actually not good against TE they've been bad against them this year. LAC is tough, but then Week 14 and 15 first week of playoffs is OAK and NE 7th and 6th most FPs to TEs. 


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