One Giant Fuck Up - The Eli Manning Saga (as told by NYG's #1 Fan)

One Giant Fuck Up - The Eli Manning Saga (as told by NYG's #1 Fan)

Eli Manning.

The greatest New York Giant that I have ever seen in my 24 years of breathing. The classiest, toughest mother fucking QB that a fan could ever want.

Let me start this off by saying I am absolutely disgusted and sickened by what transpired this week. Eli Manning was benched for Geno Smith. I can’t believe I just fucking typed that out. I’m so disturbed I could barely eat dinner. What the Giants organization did to a living legend is nothing short of embarrassing. I have always taken great pride in being a Giant fan. They have always been a first class organization, but the tide starting turning when they forced Tom Coughlin (another Giants legend) out the door. Fast forward to today. That moronic doofus imbecile head coach Ben Mcadoo told Eli Manning that he would be playing Geno Smith in place of him. He had the BALLS to tell Eli he can play the first half, but after halftime Geno is going in. WHAT?!?!?!?! You are meaning to tell me that a guy who hasn’t missed a game since being drafted in 2004, a guy who has been nothing but class on and off the field, a guy who brought your fucking organization 2 super bowl trophies against the greatest QB and coach of all time, is being benched for Geno FUCKING Smith???? Oh my god in heaven. I literally am at a loss of words, but I have many more words so keep reading.

This season has been an utter disaster. People thought this team actually had super bowl expectations before the season started. Now when you are an actual fan, like me, you’d know this team was very flawed. Their INCOMPETANT general manager Jerry Reese failed to put slobs in front of Eli that could actually, you know, BLOCK. Last time I checked its pretty fucking hard to have any success as a quarterback in the NFL when you have 5 angry juiced up freaks coming at you within a millisecond of getting the ball snapped to you. This team won 11 games last year, yet there was so many flaws that it was easy to say this team would not be a super bowl contender like many predicted. Sure, losing Odell Beckham Jr. was absolutely crippling, but why is it so crippling to the point where this offense cant muster up 200 yards of total offense per game? Easy: because the stupid fucking GM decided that this garbage ass offensive line he fucked us with last year, was good enough to win games this year. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? How in the bloody fuck hell is that not a fireable offense? How blind and senile does John Mara have to be to realize that this was a disaster waiting to happen!!!!

Who the FUCK is Ben Mcadoo to pull this type of bullshit stunt? I’m asking for a friend here. What the FUCK has he done in this league? This goofy mother fucker came into training camp like a cocky little bitch. He slicked his hair back like a cunt, looks like he gained 120 pounds of disgusting fat and he threw Eli Manning under the bus any chance he got. Fuck him. What about when Odell Beckham was acting like a dog pissing on the ground costing the team 15 yards? Did he ever once publicly criticize him?!?!?! The answer is a big fat fucking NO. What about as recently as a few weeks ago when just about every single defensive player QUIT on their team? Did he call anyone out when they QUIT?????? The answer is a big fat fucking NO. Shit the only player on this trash ass team that hasn’t quit is Eli. Now, has Eli played poorly this year? Yes. He has not made throws in the few amounts of times he has had time to throw the ball. However, to embarrass a future first ballet hall of famer and an organizational LEGEND like this is a criminal offense. I believe that Jerry Reese and Ben Mcadoo should be arrested for fraud, murder and accessory to murder. They should be mandated to Riker's Island to rot away for the rest of their sorry pathetic lives.

Listen, I am all for seeing what Davis Webb has. The season is lost, and we need to figure out our franchise QB situation moving forward so it makes sense now to see what Webb has. But here’s what they should have done: First, they should have had Webb active for every game once they went to 0-4. This way, in blowout games (there have been plenty) he could have played the 4th quarters and get his feet wet. Second, if the plan was to sit Eli, then you do so with a few weeks notice. He deserved that much. You don’t have this legend come into work and be blindsided by this shit. You tell Eli that we want to start giving Davis Webb a shot to see what he has. We plan on giving him first team reps in practice the next few weeks to prepare him for starting the last few games of the season. You don’t throw Geno fucking Smith, a guy who wont be on the fucking team next year, into the starting role. You prepare Webb to take the reigns in a few weeks. Would it have been ideal for Eli? No, of course not. The guy is a winner and the hardest working man in the NFL. However, it is a lot more respectful and acceptable to do this when you give him notice that you want to see if this kid has a future at quarterback for the New York Giants.

I could go on for days about how disgusting and disturbing this is, but I want to end off this writing by thanking Eli. I want to thank him for being the best damn QB a fan of any team could ever ask for. For showing up every Sunday, bruised and battered and doing everything he could to win. Never complaining, never throwing anyone under the bus, always doing his job the best he fucking could. I want to thank him for winning two super bowls for me. For being an example off the field with his charity work. For basically telling Tiki Barber to fuck off back in 2007. For the hysterical commercials. For being a far superior clutch quarterback than his overrated big headed brother Peyton. For beating Tom Brady, the greatest QB to ever live, twice. For making my childhood as a Giants fan absolutely incredible.

Eli, please go to Jacksonville and reunite with Tom. Get behind a reinforced offensive line and hand the ball to that angry mother fucker Leonard Fournette. Stand on those sidelines while that defense dominates opponents. Bring home another ring elsewhere. This team doesn’t deserve you. You are so much better than everyone in that spineless, gutless organization. If Ben Mcadoo and Jerry Reese are here next year, I will re-evaluate my fandom. That’s what today has come too. That’s what you made possible, Giants. You are risk of losing the biggest fan you could ever fucking have. Jerry, Ben, what you did to this man is a fucking disgrace. I hope your wives leave you, I hope you are miserable the rest of your life. Rot in eternal hell forever. Eli always and forever.

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