BSC - What were buying this week NBA playoff edition

BSC - What were buying this week NBA playoff edition


With the NBA playoffs coming in two weeks, we know that the further a team goes the higher those players value rise. With that being said, who is the obvious clear team to target in the NBA playoffs? THE BROOKLYN NETS.

The Nets have beat top contending teams in the east, like the bucks, without an issue even without one of the big 3. So lets look at raw card rookie prices of the big 3:

Harden's raw card prices got as high as $700+ and is still going for over $250 today.

KD has been steadily rising in his rookie raw card prices going as high as over $150, and currently around $100.

Kyrie's raw card prices have hit $300 on a number of occasions and is going for around $180 now.

So which one are we targeting with the raw card price?


This week we are buying a Brooklyn Net who is:
-A starter
-Leads the team in games played
-Leads the team in games started
-Top 5 in minutes per game
-Top 5 in points per game

Oh yeah, and his raw cards are $10 or less.

This week we are buying up Joe Harris raw rookie cards. There is of course value in the big 3, but Harris' card prices will only go up as a starter on this team riddled with injuries as the playoffs go on. We are also looking to cash out at some point in the NBA finals as those prices increase for a nice flip.

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