BSC - What we're buying this week

BSC - What we're buying this week


This week we are preparing for the NFL draft, but also getting ready for the spike in NFL card prices. Typically we see a spike around draft time, then the market will cool off, then pick back up when training camp opens back up.

Due to the increase in popularity in the hobby, we have seen more and more card prices in football rise already, but in the bigger name players. So where does that leave us for sleepers to buy? 

This week we are diving deep into the bag of sleepers to discuss a slot receiver. With Indy bringing in Carson Wentz and projected to draft a O-tackle (possibly Christian Darrisaw) this should provide Wentz with more than the 0.001 seconds he had in Philly to get some passes off. 

With Hilton & Pittman lined up on the outside, we are loving a healthy Parris Campbell playing in the slot. We say healthy because since being drafted in the second round in 2019, Campbell has only played a combined total of 9 games. Although his injuries cloud his card value, his size, 4.31 - 40 yard dash, and 40 inch vertical is what QB's dream of.

This week we are buying any 2019 Panini Prizm Parris Campbell Base/variation rookies as they are all going on starstock for around $5 or less.

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