BSC - Sports Cards We're Buying This Week (Again) 5/24

BSC - Sports Cards We're Buying This Week (Again) 5/24


We are in a period in the hobby where NBA playoffs and NHL playoffs are center stage and a big focus in the card market. This is why this week we are looking for an MLB player who could show some upside when both playoffs are over and the dog days of summer are here.

Lets go back to January 10th. It was a beautiful Sunday and we gave you an another amazing buy (check it out HERE ). We went out and loaded up on Vlad Jr. before the season took off. Here is a visual of his card price changes since:

So there are clearly WAY too many cards on this chart to read, but we can see that hes basically been up as high as 200% since. Here's a breakdown of some recent sales along with their price increase since we last talked about Vlad:

On average we are seeing between a 50% - 150% return. So far this season Vlad is:
-4th in HRs
-2nd in OPS
-6th in batting average and RBI's.
-2nd favorite in Vegas for AL MVP

The home runs and RBI's are no surprise to us, but a big power hitter like Vlad typically bats around .270 - .280. Seeing him bat .333 with that kind of power is going to be a nightmare for all pitchers for many years to come. Is this due to him losing the equivalent weight of 3 bowling balls and a German Shepherd? Possibly, but as long as he keeps this up, his card prices should also be on their way up.

So I'm not here to brag today, but we were about to find a couple buying opportunities today on Vlad Jr. where one of his cards has not gotten the jump yet, but surely will soon.

Back in early January his raw bowman prospects card was selling for only $12, and it is STILL going for $12.

His PSA 9 was going for about $27 in early January and have been on a rollercoaster ride ever since hitting highs of $90 but recently selling on multiple occasions for $23-$27.

Lastly, his PSA 10 was selling for $85 and has been up over $120 in the past 30 days but a few have sold for under $80. 

This week, we are buying 2016 Vladimir Guerrero Jr Bowman paper prospect cards (Raw $10 or less/ PSA 9 $30 or less/ PSA 10 $80 or less)

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