Best Ball Stacking By Draft Slot

Best Ball Stacking By Draft Slot

Hi there! Steven Mullen here taking a look at stacking. I'll be breaking down when I start thinking about stacking and my favorite stack based on each draft position 1-12. Stacking has shown a positive effect on win % for up to 2 of a QBs targets. The numbers showed a negative correlation once it was pushed to 3 of a QBs targets. Please reference the original deep dive stacking article for % info.  We are looking to add 2 of a QBs pass catching options if we can but no more then 2. 

When do you start start to think about stacking?

The answer is the moment I see my draft position I start considering stacks based on that position.

1st Pick

My favorite stack to consider at pick #1 is a 49ers stack. Kittle is often available At the 2-3 turn. I like grabbing him at the turn and looking for Pettis in round 6-7. I look for Jimmy G at the 12-13 turn and if I have missed Pettis I'll try and get Deebo Samuel at the 14-15 turn. I also will consider Jalen Hurd as my 7th WR in round 18 if I have missed both Pettis and Samuel. I am not looking for high ownership on him though max 5%.

2nd Pick

At pick 2 I again look for an elite TE stack. I look to get Ertz in round 3. In round 6 or 7 I will try and snag Alshon Jeffery and in Round 8 grab Wentz. If I choose to by pass Alshon I will consider Desean Jackson in round 9. I am not interested in stacking Wentz with Goedart at all. For Goedart to hit ceiling Ertz must be injured which is a net negative obviously for Wentz. 

3rd Pick

When it comes to pick 3 I think of Chargers stacks. I like grabbing Keenan Allen in round 3 to start this stack. I'll look to add Mike Williams or Hunter Henry in early round 5. I'm not willing to go into round 4 for one of them because I don't care much which guy I get. If I have Allen plus one of Henry/Williams I am willing to take Rivers with my early round 11 pick. If I only have Allen I will gamble on Rivers in round 12. If I don't have Allen and only one of the other peices I'll wait until round the late 12 pick for Rivers too.

4th Pick

One of my favorite round 2 players to target often will fall to you if you picked 4th. At this pick I like to start up a Tampa stack with Mike Evans. You can still occasionally get Godwin in round 4 but it used to be easy to get him there. With Godwin becoming harder to acquire I look to add OJ Howard late round 4 pick. To finish it off I look for Winston late round 8 or early round 9. 

5th Pick

Finally round 1 stacking targets! At pick 5 I look go grab Hopkins. I will then hope Watson drops to me in round 6. Sometimes I'll reach to round 5 if I am not thrilled with the value on the board. I target Fuller in round 7 to complete the stack. If I miss Fuller I am not willing to grab Coutee until round 10 and I currently have an ownership cap of 8% on him.

6th Pick 

This pick scream Packers stack at me. I look for Adams at pick 6 in round 1. I'll usually pull Rodgers into round 6 if I have Adams though I only take Rodgers in round 7 if I don't have Adams. I prefer stacking with Allison in round 8 to Valdes-Scantling in round 7. Sometimes you get lucky with this plan and get MVS himself in round 8. If I miss both players I'll try and finish the stack with Jimmy Graham in round 12 or 13.

7th Pick

I am usually not looking to take a WR at pick 7 unless one of the guys above has fallen. This is also too early for Kelce for me so this often winds up a spot where I am starting a Steelers stack with Juju in round 2. If i have Juju I will target Vance McDonald as my round 7 pick so I'm inclined to pass on TE early if I have Juju. If I missed Vance I'll try and get Moncrief or James Washington round 10 and Big Ben in round 11. 

8th Pick

This is a tricky pick to stack from as I often find myself going RB-RB at pick 8 if Hopkins or Adams hasn't fallen to me. My most common stack in this spot doesn't start until round 4 where I take Brandin Cooks. Cooks and Woods are impossible to stack together because of their ADP. If I have grabbed Cooks round 4 I will look to get Cooper Kupp in round 5 and finish it off with Goff in round 9 or 10.

9th Pick

As soon as I see pick 9 I think Browns stack. Here I look to grab Odell Beckham in round 1. I will then grab Baker in round 7 and David Njoku in round 8. Sometimes you get super lucky and Jarvis Landry slips to round 8. If I have missed on Njoku and Landry I'll grab Rashard Higgins in round 17 or 18. 

10th Pick

The golden pick to stack from. I grab Kelce here 100% of the time he is still on the board. I prefer to start this stack at pick 10 instead of earlier because my ownership of Kelce is always near my max of 17%. It's too hard to get Tyreek in round 2 if you pick 8th or 9th. So I grab Kelce here pray I get Tyreek and round 2 and then hold on for dear life hoping Mahomes makes it to me in round 3 for the super stack. If I have Kelce at pick 10 I will not pass on Mahomes in round 3 regardless of if I was able to get Tyreek. If I miss Tyreek I always go RB because I know I am targeting Mahomes round 3 and RB gonna be ugly! If I have missed Tyreek I will look to grab Watkins in round 7.

11th Pick

I like to cut off the turn by grabbing Julio Jones at pick 11. I then grab Calvin Ridley if he drops to me in round 5 which does happen from time to time. I look to add Matt Ryan in round 8. If I missed Ridley I will look at Hooper in round 10 or Sanu in round 15.

12th Pick

At the turn I am looking to start a Saints stack with Michael Thomas in round 1. I'll look for Jared Cook in round 7 and Drew Brees in round 9. If I have missed on Cook I will target TreQuan Smith in round 14 or Ted Ginn in round 18 to finish off my Saints stack. 

There are a lot of other stacks to consider but these are currently my favorites base on draft position. The Luck injury has me fading Colts stacks at the moment but if we get good health news I'll be back on those. Josh Allen can be a nice guy to start a stack from mid draft because all of his pass catchers have a lower ADP then him.

Good Luck Stacking!!!
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