Basement Sports Cards - What were buying this week 7/5

Basement Sports Cards - What were buying this week 7/5


When it comes to signings or trades in the NFL this typically only brings up the value of each player in the short term as long as they are flex players (QB/RB/WR/TE). In the long term trades and signings depend on the landing spot and skill of the players. 

We know that Philly is discussing a long term big money deal with young stud tight end Dallas Goedert, and it looks like Zach Ertz last days as an Eagle is drawing closer. With Ertz leaving town this will free up a number of targets for Goedert, especially in the red zone where he will continue to thrive. This trade will help Goederts card prices in the short term and if he can find success and continue to grow under new QB Jalen Hurts.

Unless Ertz ends up in SF, KC or Vegas I think his card value in the short term sees a bump post trade. Entering his 9th season in the NFL Ertz carries enough name value and past statistical success that his value should see a bump enough to flip before the season starts.

This week, we are buying Zach Ertz (short term investment ) and Dallas Goedert (short/long term investment).

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