Basement Sports Cards - What were buying this week 6/14

Basement Sports Cards - What were buying this week 6/14


I wanted to take this week and give you a hobby cheat code for sports card buying that is not utilized as much as it should:


Anytime anyone asks me what I've been up to I always include BSC or a general "I've gotten back into sports cards" to open up the conversation. You would be surprised in the number of people you know that have a box or two of shitty junk wax cards from their childhood. I'm not saying everyone is sitting on a '33 Ruth in a junk box, but it could be worth the time for you and an unexpected $50 - $100 for your friend would make everyone happy.

I recently gave my PS4 to an old work colleague in exchange for about 6 binders and 3 boxes of mixed NBA/NFL cards from primarily 2013-2016. Most of the cards were as underwhelming as it came, but we found a few gems in there that were sending in for grading.

We found 4 Tiger Woods rookie cards that were selling this year in a PSA 10 for over $1300 this year but most recently as low as $500 each.

So this week - go talk to people you love. Go talk to people you hate. Go talk to your ex and tell her she stinks. Go find your Tiger Woods.

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