Basement Sports Cards - What were buying on 2/1

Basement Sports Cards - What were buying on 2/1

In January we have seen ultra modern cards take a substantial price drop. Modern cards such as Brady, Lebron, MJ and Kobe have seen a huge spike which only means one thing.

Ultra Modern will be back, and there are some cards to buy low on right now.

In the last 30 days Rui Hachimura cards are down nearly 40%

When players prices are down and the reason is not due to poor performance, its always worth looking into the potential of a buying window. 

Rui had a strong freshman season with the Wizards averaging nearly 14 points per game. Before the man could get things started he got a boot to the dick and missed 4 games. 

Rui came back strong for 7 games and was shooting more efficiently from the field, including 4 15+ point games. With John Wall officially out of town, this season will be a big opportunity for Rui to carve out an offensive role with the Wizards. 

This week we are buying Rui Hachimura Optic #188 for $15 or less

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