Basement Sports Cards - What were buying 7/12

Basement Sports Cards - What were buying 7/12


We are about a week away from the grundle of the annual sports calendar. No football, no basketball, no hockey - only baseball. Typically when this happens we see a nice bump in the baseball card market, so we are hunting for a baseball buy before the all star break. 

With a 6 month recovery timeline for Eloy Jimenez back in March, it looked like his season was over before it started. It is early July and this man/robot has somehow recovered and claims to be "200 percent healthy". As absurd as that sounds by any measure, I believe every word. As a 25 option in dynasty formats, Eloy has great short term value if you want to flip him before the end of the White Sox playoff run (1st place in the AL Central). Lets look at his sales in the last 30, 60, and 90 days:

90 Days: -17.17%
60 Days: 5.96%
30 Days: 11.02%

On the surface you can see Eloy's sales have been quietly on the rise and would seem to have missed that buying window.

Typically these numbers would have the majority in the hobby moving onto other options, but we peeled back the onion a little more and found a couple Eloy's that have continued to undersell in compared to his other licensed cards (sorry Panini). This week we are buying Eloy Jimenez 2019 Topps Chrome Refractor & 2019 Topps Heritage cards.

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