Basement Sports Cards - What we're buying 4/5

Basement Sports Cards - What we're buying 4/5


We are back again with another card to get in on early(ish) before the prices shoot up like Mark Renton in Trainspotting.

We have been teased for months and months and months with the return of Jaren Jackson Jr, but an actual timeline was never provided by the Grizzlies. For the first time since October JJJ spoke to the Grizzlies media and when he was asked when he was going to make his debut his response was "Definitely this month so, I'm excited about that. Woo, woo! This month!"

THIS MONTH and it couldn't come a single day sooner. The Grizz are one spot out of the playoffs with a mid-pack SoS for the remainder of the season. Just as important as the teams ahead of them, they have 3 teams (GS, Sac & NO) breathing down their neck being 3 games or less behind them in the standings. 

This extended return time makes us believe that there will be a very small "ramp up" period for JJJ and are looking at a quick road to full minutes for the young star.

It seems everyone invested in Jackson Jr with the expectation of a return in December/January, but with that high investment, many owners in the hobby have sold off for a loss as we see those prices decrease in his base Prizm card. Not only is this a good buying period but buying the dip is a win-win.

This week we are buying 2018-19 Panini Prizm Base Jaren Jackson Jr. #66:
-Raw under $15
-Any graded (PSA/SGC/BGS) 9 or higher for $50 or less

Deposit $5  w/ promo code BDGE for an additional $10
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