Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investment 12/8

Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investment 12/8


We are byke again to help financially support you so you can move out of your mom's basement.

I know there has been a heavy focus on NBA cards here. Where's football? Where's baseball? Where's hoc- well, no one gives a shit about hockey cards. So we are FINALLY going to cover a new sport this week!!

Just kidding. The buying window for the big name NBA players (zion, ja, luka) is long gone but that doesn't mean there isn't money to be made here. This weeks buy is a great option for lot purchases online due to the low cost per card. 

PJ Washington started 58 out of 59 games for the Charlotte Hornets at the 4 and put up some impressive rookie numbers (12/5/2 per game) along with his efficient shooting of 45% from the field including 38% from behind the arch. His basketball IQ is top 5 out of his draft class and the addition of Lamelo Ball and Gordon Hayward will help ball movement on the floor.

More importantly, the Hornets are moving PJ Washington to Center and bumping Miles Bridges to PF. With his ability to hit from deep and being quicker than any center in the league, the positional advantage for PJ Washington = STONKS ALL THE WAY UP

Lastly and MOST importantly - PJ Washington was drafted one pick higher than Tyler Herro in 2019 and deserves to have a song named after him too.

This week I am buying 2019 PJ Washington Panini Mosaic cards (base, pink, orange, green, silver...fuggit all of em) Base cards are going for under $5 and all mosaic/reactive's are going for under $10.

Don't waste your time waiting for 7 day bids to end and weeks to ship. Buy the card and have the ability to flip it within seconds.

Head over to STARSTOCK and sign up with $5 to receive an additional $10 by signing up with promo code BDGE.




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