Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investment 12/ZO

Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investment 12/ZO


On the eve of the end of most of your fantasy football seasons, I bring you more content to help you forget about Keenan Allen ruining your life (congrats Scott)

Last week we were selling THT and not buy the pre-szn hype. His card was trending around $20 for a base optic. Already we are down to sales at $13 in a week.

This week we are buying into the pre-szn hype of one Mr. Lonzo Ball.

After the collapse of the Pelicans in the bubble last season, a lot of the blame rested on the shoulders of Ball. Lonzo spent his preseason tweaking his shot and worked on being more verbal on and off the court as a leader. More importantly, Lonzo looks more confident in shots that he would typically pass the ball on, and looks to have a better mid range and three point shot. Lonzo showcased an impressive pre-szn game against the Bucks putting up 19 points, eight assists and five rebounds with a block and two steals.

Lastly, and most importantly:

This week we are buying 2017 Donruss Optic Lonzo Ball #199 (any variation) for $10 or less.

Don't waste your time waiting for 7 day bids to end and weeks to ship. Buy the card and have the ability to flip it within seconds.

Head over to STARSTOCK and sign up with $5 to receive an additional $10 by signing up with promo code BDGE.




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