Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investment 12/14

Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investment 12/14


We are byke again for a little stocking stuffer investment!

For this one, lets go back 90 days. Its the day before week 1 kickoff (basically the grown up version of xmas eve for me) and the hype around Joe Burrow raw average card prices were through the fucking roof before he took a single snap:

I know what you are thinking. The golden rule of sports cards: do not buy top players in season.

Prices will drop in the off season.

Patience is key.

Be smart...

Alright alright I'll take a peek and just see if there has been any changes to his prices...

JOE BURROW ROOKIE CARDS ARE DOWN 80% IN 90 DAYS!! Could these drop any lower? Maybe another 5% - 10%, but any news during his 12 month recovery - even him on twitter eating at a restaurant and standing to leave with a caption of "THAT KNEE ISINT LOOKING SO BAD NOW!" will skyrocket those prices through the roof.

I'm looking to load up on Joe Burrow Donruss base raw cards for $10 or less and his Panini Mosaic base raw cards for $20 or less.

Short Term or Long Term value: Long Term

 Don't waste your time waiting for 7 day bids to end and weeks to ship. Buy the card and have the ability to flip it within seconds.

Head over to STARSTOCK and sign up with $5 to receive an additional $10 by signing up with promo code BDGE.




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