Basement Sports Cards - Hard Knox Life

Basement Sports Cards - Hard Knox Life

This week we are bench diving in the NBA for some players that can ball but aren't getting the minutes or are stuck in a terrible organization. One player checked off all these boxes and provides some value with his current card prices, and that is Kevin Knox.

The 9th overall pick in the 2018 draft was cursed with the landing spot of the New York Knicks, a organization that is known for drafting players and having little to no player development. As the Knicks continue to struggle this season its may be time to switch things up and give the 21 year old, 3rd year player more playing time to learn and develop. Already this season we have seen Knox be more efficient in his shooting, especially from deep. 

Knox prizm base prices in the 90 days have stayed fairly steady for his base card and we have seen his PSA 9 price drop.

This week we are buying up Kevin Knox prizm base raw cards for $15 or less

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