Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investment 1/10/21

Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investment 1/10/21


This week we spent the entire week reviewing trends, charts, and the dark internet for our next big investment. This was going to be the week of buying the next '86 Fleer Michael Jordan before the big blowup.

Then I found this on the internet:

Vlad Guerrero Jr celebrates as the Undertaker

Yes this happened a month ago around the time of my Vlad Jr mailday article, but I know a sign when I see it. As usual, I went to Marker Movers to check Vlad Jr's recent sales of his 1st bowman:

The baseball sports card market has been starting to pick up steam, and the prices of the big name players (Soto, Tatis Jr, Acuna)are first to rise. We can see that the price jumps are starting to hit the second tier players in PSA 10 and should trickle down to the PSA 9 and raw cards very soon. THIS IS THE BUYING WINDOW RIGHT NOW PEOPLE.

This week our card of the week is the 2016 Bowmans Vladimir Guerrero Jr BP55 (Paper Prospects or Chrome)

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