Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investments - Time To Buy MLB Again

Basement Sports Cards - Weekly Investments - Time To Buy MLB Again


With all the attention in the sports world on NBA & NFL, were sneaking out and buying up some baseball cards because a wise man once said:

We are starting to see the prices of the top MLB players and those players who ended 2020 hot starting to sizzle so we are diving into some buy low opportunities while we can.

It's a new year and who doesn't love a good redemption story? Back in 2019 after a big playoff win, Randy Arozarena went on IG live "accidently" when Cardinals head coach Mike Shlidt unknowingly let the whole world know "I don't give a fuck who were going to play were going to FUCK them up". 

As a complete shock to the world world, the Cardinals soon after traded Randy to Tampa Bay. Fast forward to the 2020 MLB playoffs, where we witnessed possibly the best post season hitting performance of all time. El Cohete Cubano now holds the MLB post season record for most hits, home runs, and total bases. He is also now the Rays all time post season home runs and hits after the 2020 post season alone. 

If the Rays won the world series we would see these card prices as much as doubled right now. If he starts the 2021 season where he left off in 2020, his card prices should see a massive uptick giving the ability for a great short term flip, but also the potential to sit on the cards and wait for him to become the next Mookie Betts.

This week we are buying up the 2020 Topps Update Randy Arozarena U-208 and the 2020 Topps Series 1 Randy Arozarena 229.

Don't waste your time waiting for 7 day bids to end and weeks to ship. Buy the card and have the ability to flip it within seconds.

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