Basement Sports Cards - Invast In Miss Spelling

Basement Sports Cards - Invast In Miss Spelling


This week we are investing in the following players specifically on eBay:

-Joe Borrow
-Aaron Rogers
-Ziom Williamson
-Justin Hurbert
-Jaylen Hurts
-Luca Doncic
-Tray Young
-Louis Robert

If you aren't catching on, you are probably one of the ebay sellers who is selling these cards misspelt. Being the king of horrible spelling, this is right up my alley. The benefits of occasionally searching ebay for these "Labron James" cards include:

-Less competition on bids for cards
-Sellers comparing the prices of their cards to other misspelt cards, which may not be true market value of these cards
-Ability for quick "Buy It Now" on mispriced cards with less views

ALWAYS compare the prices you see to what other correctly spelt cards have been selling for. This is not a 100% proven every card technique, but some opportunities for steals will be there as long as you do your homework.

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