Basement Sports Cards - Dibbs Drop March 23rd

Basement Sports Cards - Dibbs Drop March 23rd


Today we are going over the 5 Dibbs drops that are being released on March 23rd at 1:00PM EST

2018 Flawless Luka Doncic /25 BGS 9.5

This is one of Luka’s most beautiful cards from his rookie season. We have seen the Flawless rookie with his rookie patch out of 25 go consistently for $30,000.00 so for half the price we are a big fan of this card.
Buying Confidence: 8.6

2018 Contenders Optic Trae Young Rookie Ticket Red Auto /99 BGS 9.5

Trae Young Rookie - Check
Trae Young Auto - Check
Graded Near Perfect - Check
Numbered Card - Check
So why is this card only $3,500.00??

Contenders is an entry level series of Panini, and this card’s value has been consistently declining since pre-season. Although we’ve seen this card go for substantially lower than this price, this card checks a lot of our buckets as well as Trae Young card prices being generally under valued recently.

Buying Confidence : 7.2

2018 National Treasures Luka Doncic Rookie Materials Prime /25 PSA 10

This beauty is PSA 10 with a PoP count of 6. The amazing patch on this card for the price has us interested in getting some exposure, as we can see the price on this card in the open market to reach upwards of $10,000.00

Buying Confidence: 7.8

2018 Bowman Chrome Luis Robert Purple Refractor Auto /250 BGS 10

We are a big fan of Luis Roberts and he is one of the best young players in the MLB. For the price and there being 249 more of these cards available, we are focusing our attention this week to the other 4 cards available.

Buying Confidence: 6.1

2017 Contenders Optic Patrick Mahomes Rookie Ticket Auto BGS 9.5

We just went on a rant about how Contenders is the entry level of Panini cards and held it against Trae Young, one of the best players in the NBA, at 1/10th this price.

But its Patrick Mahomes and his card prices are through the ROOF consistently. We have seen this card sell for nearly DOUBLE ($45k) weeks before the super bowl. Coming off a super bowl loss, Mahomes value has dipped but we see this as a slight buying opportunity.

Buying Confidence: 7.7

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