Basement Sports Cards - Buy Vintage

Basement Sports Cards - Buy Vintage


If you have been following and investing with us weekly, you should be sitting on a massive pile of $1 bills. This week we are adding vintage cards to the collection.

With active, younger, unestablished players its a high risk/high reward opportunity buying their cards. The excitement of potential is always at the top of mind for sports card collectors, but its important to have a good foundation of the legends for a few reasons:

1. Vintage card values 99% of the time will NOT drop in price, but only go up as time passes. Retired players cant blow out their knee and have a huge price decrease. These players performances and stats has already been etched into history.

2. We know that cards were limited in print coming up to the late 80's/early 90's. This scarcity provides sports card investors some piece of mind with relation to future card value.

Ebay is a great resource for vintage cards, especially the potential of bulk purchases from a single seller for better pricing per card and combined shipping. If nothing catches your eye right away with the buy it now prices, filter by best offer and send some offers that you feel comfortable with. Reach out and talk to the sellers to negotiate also as building that personal relationship will do nothing but help your odds. Often times these sellers will reach out to you directly before posting something in the future also.

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