Basement Sports Cards - Slab Stonks UP

Basement Sports Cards - Slab Stonks UP


This week we are not investing in a player. This week we are slabbing up and buying PSA graded cards.

As you all may know, PSA has a bit of a backlog for grading cards. I'm waiting on cards from July and know people who are approaching 10 months of waiting and in some cases - ALMOST A YEAR. PSA has Suspending Economy shipping and raised prices for a number of submission types.

If ANY of the other major card grading companies spiked their prices and had lead times as long as PSA they would be shutting down shop within 2 years. Lets be honest - its PSA and they are THAT far ahead of the competition in their value to the market. This year keep an eye on SGC & CGC who could gain some market value due to these lead times and new fake BGS slabs coming out every day. 

If you are buying a player, make sure to compare raw prices to PSA 9 and PSA 10 (if its a big name player, I'm looking at PSA 8's also). Factor in the costs of grading and more importantly - the cost of time.

With no future in sight for shorter lead times, the value of PSA graded cards will be stonks all the way up.

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