Basement Sports Cards - Best Investment Yet

Basement Sports Cards - Best Investment Yet


This weeks investment will be the best investment you will ever get from us and from anyone.

The best investment you can ever make are cards for your personal collection

As fun as it is flipping cards and making money, its time we took a step back and look at the core of sports cards. Growing up in Boston I was the biggest Drew Bledsoe fan you would and still will ever find. I get heat for it to this day, but it changes nothing. I have a collection of hundreds of Drew Bledsoe cards for my PC and know they are worth less than nothing. I could give a shit if they are worth $1 or $1 million dollars, there is a level of happiness and nostalgia these cards personally bring and there is NO dollar amount you can put on that.

This week, get out there and buy your favorite players. - Deposit $5  w/ promo code BDGE for an additional $10

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