Basement Sports Cards : Thanksgiving Edition

Basement Sports Cards : Thanksgiving Edition


I'm sitting on the couch eating Thanksgiving leftovers and thinking of the next player that will make us rich enough to buy a white tiger in 2021. As I am crushing baked mac and cheese I come across THIS:

Are you fucking kidding me. I thought this would be enough reason to go buy his card for $10 or less, but for those that are for ANY reason still sceptic, I did some digging. Did you know Velveeta has never been wrong about the NBA's most improved player? Alright so this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of forever, but the more I thought about it, the more I agreed with the worlds #1 liquid gold provider.

With some lingering injuries and forcing him to adjust his normal playing style, Markkanen had his worst statistic season of his career. The 2018 NBA all-team selection with a new front office and the hire of Billy Donovan, I expect the Finnish fireball to easily reach 20/10 stats (19 PPG and 9 APG in 2018) with a growing young lineup still building chemistry. Will he lead the Bulls to a ring in 2021? Fuck no, but he could win Most Improved Player in this upcoming season. The betting odds for the NBA MIT were recently released giving him +3000 odds (5th best) and now is the time to load up on his cards and make that velveeta (sorry I had to).

I'm looking to pick up as many 2017 Lauri Markkanen Select #8 Concourse cards as humanly possible. These are going raw on ebay for between $10-15 with shipping. 

Don't waste your time waiting for 7 day bids to end and weeks to ship. Buy the card and have the ability to flip it within seconds.

Head over to STARSTOCK and sign up with $5 to receive an additional $10 by signing up with promo code BDGE.



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This article is awesome, not only for the awesome content on card trading tips but the humorous factor too! I really like this pick too, I honestly would have completely forgot about Lauri (and Mac & cheese), but Lauri was such a dominate rookie that I could see him having a great bounce back year! About to go on and pick me up some!!

James Reyes

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