Animal Analysis - Animals Guide to the 2020 Rookie Draft

Animal Analysis - Animals Guide to the 2020 Rookie Draft

ANIMAL ANALYSIS (SF rookie draft range / animal range)

By: Max the Animal

The rookies have been given homes and I have some analysis I would like to share with you. Some of it is just thoughts, some of its real analysis, some might not make any sense to you at all, and some might open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking. Welcome to Animal Analysis.  




Start it off with a polite no thank you. Hear me out, he's a lefty. That's it. How many left handed quarterbacks do well in the NFL? I can name maybe four left handed quarterbacks from the history of the NFL that I would want on my fantasy team and Tua on the Dolphins is not one of them. Almost forgot, he hurt his hip... I'm out. (1.01 - 1.09 / not on my board)


The Tiger becomes a Bengal which technically in the animal kingdom is an upgrade. You should know that the biggest Tiger species in the world are Siberian Tigers and LSU is just the “Tigers”. Jumping back to the Bengals, which is a Bengal Tiger also known as the 2nd largest Tiger species in the world. Now that you have this knowledge you can see the clear upgrade to Joe Burrow the Animal he is. Oh, and he will roar right out the gates for fantasy owners. I'm Buying!! (1.01- 1.05 / this is your day one guy)


I watched some tape. He has a large arm that he uses to throw the ball far sometimes. Sometimes he throws it shorter but not as accurately. His WRs in college didn't help him much but his weapons in the NFL can change that. If you can’t put up solid fantasy numbers with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler, and Hunter Henry then you must be 38 year old Phil Rivers.. Tyrod Taylor is not Alex Smith but I can see the Chargers using a Mahomes plan with Herbert. (1.12 - 2.08 / I’d rather not) 


Obviously he doesnt start for at least a year, maybe two but I'm all in on Jordan Love because he got drafted to the Packers just like Aaron Rodgers did. Both of them hail from California so you know they thrive in Green Bay weather... Basically the same measurables and stuff and he has a great name. Jordan Love just sounds like the next ten year franchise QB. BIG BUY!! (2.10 - 3.07 / take a chance on destiny )


This landing spot fits as much as Frank Gores balls fit in his football pants. A guy I was excited about until I saw the landing spot but I still kinda like this landing spot given Wentz and his weak back. Team fit is great but will he ever have the opportunity to take over? Ask yourself that and if you believe he will than buy this fuckin guy. (I believe he will) Jalen is Hurt-ing to show us he can ball in the NFL. Another one?  Ask yourself this? Does Jalen Hurts Wentz in the locker room after practice and become the QB1? (2.12 - 3.11). / worth it if you can afford it)


This is why I make the big bucks. Ready? Jacoby Brissett is going to get traded to the Patriots. Rivers gets benched whatever week the Colts finally realize his semen are stronger than his arm. Insert tall rookie Quarterback Jacob Eason to save the day except, he doesn't. He plays below average football for two more years behind a great O line and then he's gone. (3.05 - 4.01) / don't bother)


I dislike Jake Fromm as a football prospect the same amount I love Snacks. Snacks is one of my favorite people ever. Jake Fromm is not even in my top two thousand favorite football players. (4.12 / don't draft)




This is the clear 1.01 in all drafts for me easily because he lands behind the best O line in football. Quenton Nelson is going to be creating holes for JT for the next 5 years at least. I expect him to get more receiving work than most only because of Phil and his nature to check down. My instincts are also telling me JT and Mack will split carries this season because the Colts want to keep the team healthy and compete for a Super Bowl with their very well rounded roster. Once Mack is gone JT has the ability to become a true NFL bellcow RB which is a fantasy treasure nowadays. (1.01 - 1.02 / Jonathon Taylor no matter what)


Look, I love Andy Reid running backs as much as any fantasy guy but CEH is not my RB1. Not even my RB2. He is my RB3 though… Gather round and I shall tell you why. Andy says he sees Brian Westbrook when he looks at CEH but I see fat Darren Sproles with more in-between the tackle upside. I know he's not actually fat and I actually am fat but hear me out. Darren Sproles never went over 100 carries in his career. I believe CEH will be used in a similar role but around the 150 carry range with 60-75 receptions. Has every opportunity to be a top 10 RB for fantasy owners because his draft capital, the receiving upside paired with Andy's system and the best QB in the league is what makes him so valuable. After all that I'm still not taking him over JT. no way. (1.02 - 1.05 / can't fade Andy)


I love it!! This is my RB2. You wanna fight about it? The Ravens draft great players that they know how they want to use. Dobbins will get some work this year. Get involved in the system and slowly take over for Mark Ingram who will be gone next szn. Dobbins is a 3 down NFL back and this landing spot fits better than a beard on Abe Lincoln. Teaming up with superstar Lamar behind an elite O line makes Dobbins my favorite long term RB prospect of this draft. Do not hesitate to take Dobbins because of his questioned immediate impact. People will sleep on him early but he could be the best of the big 3 RBs as early as the 2021 szn. (1.02-1.07 / 1.02 smash)


I really, really, really liked Swift before he went to the Lions. Lions RBs have been cursed since big Barry Sanders and unless its Barry Sanders I don't want a Lions RB. My extended cousin Matt Patricia won’t be able to figure out how to use a three down back for three downs. Hope you like watching Bo Scarborough get goal line work. Cant, won't, nope, i'm out. (1.03 - 1.08 / the lion sleeps tonight, no thanks) 


Produced behind a shit O line in college but can he do it again in the NFL. Rams line went from one of the worst in the league to muchimproved by the end of szn so McVay must believe in this unit. I like Akers the player but deeply concerned about this landing spot. I think the Rams are on the verge of collapse and a team in shambles wont’ help the young RB Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Malcolm Brown finishes with more fantasy points this szn than Akers (I don't think he will, just saying wouldn't be surprised) Give me one of the top 4 WRs over Akers all damn day! (1.08 - 1.12 / top wr  > akers)


The mini #FreakAthlete has arrived. I wanted to see him on the Titans running over DBs with Derrick Henry but Green Bay is a terrific landing spot. They always seem to have an above average O line. The new Packers love to run the ball and that's exactly what Dillon will do. He is going to pass block for Rodgers and run the rock hard. Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams both have one year left before Dillon can take over and really deliver for fantasy.My biggest concern is that he won't get the carries he needs in GB because he is a volume back and Lafleur has used a RBBC since he was with the Titans. With all that knowledge dropped I still really like his style and value in rookie drafts. (2.08 - 3.06  / you’re amazing, just the way you are)


I like Zack Moss and I like the Bills O line. This is a win for the Bills and Josh Allen. How much do I like it for fantasy though? Well…. I don’t like it, but I don't not like it. Ya see the issue here is that at best I envision Moss and Singletary splitting carries. But wait… theres more!! Moss will not only be splitting carries with Singletary but you guessed it, Bills RB1 Josh Allen who had 109 rush attempts last szn. Bills are a well rounded playoff team looking to add depth to compete in the playoffs. So the Moss pick makes more sense for the Bills than it does you. I wouldn't overpay for someone who might only be there to help carry the load for Singletary while possibly getting some receiving downs. And that's all I have to say about that. (2.09 - 3.07 / if i have Singletary)



Right from the start I think the landing spot fits his skill set as pass catcher and I think that's where this story ends. Ronald Jones is the RB1 in Tampa unless Tom Brady says otherwise don't @ me. Which could be the case because Brady only likes to play with guys he can trust so we won't really know until they get some practice together but ROJO is much more elusive than people give him credit for and with the new addition of Wirfs on the O line he will break out this szn given the chance. With all those other legit weapons in that offense don't overpay for the Tom Brady hype. People are going to overpay for two szns of RB24 production. Hate to see it. (1.11 - 2.07 / i’ll pass on the TB12 price gouge)


This is an intriguing case for me because he has the bellcow size.. but Memphis, 4.49 forty, but Memphis. No clear cut RB1 in Washington… but Memphis.. I know Guice is there but is Guice really there? The guy runs too hard for his own body and loves getting hurt. Which leaves the door open for Gibson to take that spot on the depth chart. I believe Gibson steps in right away and gets some immediate receiving work because that is where he makes the magic. In nine games Haskins targeted his RB 40 times. Not sure what that really means but it should be enough opportunity for Gibson to carve out a role on a team that Ron RIvera will make competitive in a couple szns (2.08 - 3.10 / this price over Akers price) 


The Pittsburgh Steelers are another team that I just blindly trust when it comes to who they draft. AMC has the size and speed to compete in the NFL along with a beefy O line to run behind… My issue here is what can his volume look like? Year one I don’t see him taking much away from Conner and Samuels. If anything I just see all three of them destroying each others 2020 fantasy value… but this is dynasty and i'm not worried about year one right meow. AMC is easily the best RB value in this draft. Don’t expect him to make any immediate impact but I love his price and potential upside with a team that has a history of manufacturing steak sauce running backs. If he doesn't hit and you didn't spend much then who cares. Worth the shot. (3.09 - 4.08 / give me all the steak sauce)


Oh shit, an Adam Gase running back in the building! I’m hear to tell you, don’t let that scare you. Outside of Lev Bell who I am convinced Gase hates. Perines competition on the depth chart is fairly limited. I can see him getting some receiving work this szn but I don’t see a path to any serious work outside an injury to Bell. His current price is too much of a value in rookie drafts for me to pass up though. I would be more than happy to throw a pick his way. (4.01 - 4.12 / Lamich-ing this value) 



Call me bias, I don't care. Jerry is the best WR in this class and I dont think it’s really close. When you watch the tape you can see that, well… It’s simple. No other WRs in this class can get seperation like he can. He creates space that you didn't even know was there. Do you remember in science class when you got magnets and would try to get the same sides to touch but they wouldn't… well that's Jerry Jeudy running a route and the defender trying to cover him. He can make defenders miss with his shifty hips and quick feet after the catch.  Expect him to slide right into the slot as his primary role  for Denver and be one of Locks favorite targets. Adam Thielen broke out in 2017 when he began taking more than 50% of his snaps from the slot in Pat Shurmurs offense. I expect Shurmur to use Jeudy in that same role. If you take Reagor over Jeudy you might be happy for the first  six weeks but not the next six years. (1.06-1.12 / easy WR1 smash at 1.06 thank you)


Do you see dee writing on the wall? I see this two ways. First is the Cowboys want to see Dak light it up this szn or they won't be giving him that long term deal. The second is that Lamb fell in the draft so they went BPA and secured Amaris replacement for when they trade him in 2 years. Love the talent of Ceedee and the landing spot is one I think we should be happy about. McCarthy has coached teams with three fantasy productive WRs before. Who can forget those years with Jordy, Cobb, and James Jones. That's kind of how I see this WR trio looking for next two szns.. Amari is obviously the Jordy of the group while Ceedee and Gallup will fight for the Cobb role week to week. Long term outlook I really like the potential for Ceedee but short term I am worried about touchdown opportunities with Zeke and WR trio . (1.06 - 1.12 / if you like to play it safe take this guy)


When I see Justin Jefferson I see one big ole dirty slot always looking to grab a ball. See what I did there? Kirk Cousins loves to target his slot receivers and Jefferson loves to play from the slot. I should end it right there because that's the bulk of my analysis. Since the Vikings drafted him in the first round then they best be using him for what he does best which is catch footballs from the slot. I can say it again but I think you get the point. Nothing but love for Jefferson and his landing spot. Something that shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to dynasty WR prospects is their QB situation. The Vikings already extended Cousins and drafted an OT so it would seem that Jefferson will have a safe QB situation for the near future. (1.09 - 2.04 / I want this dirty slot)



Ahh, the consensus WR1 for most, but not yours truly!  Fly like an Eagle, let my spirit carry me is what Doug Pederson said when he drafted Jalen Reagor while Justin Jefferson and Denzel Mims were on the board. What's with all the Reagor love? What am I not seeing here? I see limited vertical routes in college, lined up on the right side of the field 83% of snaps, and a shitty 3 cone. Bad QB play was certainly a factor but don’t the great ones still find a way to get it done? Jalen Reagor is short DK Metcalf but without Russell Wilson. That ain’t a bad thing considering DK had a great rookie szn and I expect him to build on his game and improve his value. My problem with Reagor is that he is not the WR1. I just don't see the upside. The only positives i can find are, Reagor has 4.3* speed, and Philly likes to throw the ball deep with Carson Wentz who happened to finish top ten in deep ball accuracy in 2019. That's good right? Yes. But when you dive deeper you learn that he was (2nd) when throwing to the LEFT side of the field and (26th) when throwing to the RIGHT. Remember earlier when I mentioned Reagor ran 83% of his routes in college from the right side. Does that mean he can’t run routes from the left? I’m sure he can but are you going to waste the 1.06 on this guy? I won't be. (1.07 -1.12 / give me Aiyuk 6 picks later)


This guy right here could be one of my favorite value WRs in this class. Shanahan always puts his players in positions to succeed except for the Super Bowl, but that doesnt matter for fantasy so give me all the Aiyuk stonks now please. Aiyuk has long ass arms, almost as long as Calvin Johnsons. For perspective Aiyuk is 6’0” with a 81 inch wingspan. Calvin Johnson is 6’5” with an 82 inch wingspan. In no way am I comparing them as talents but this guy has freakishly long wingspan for his height. Part of this love for Aiyuk is my trust in Shanahan.  Deebo Samuel was one of my top rookies last year and look at what Shanahan did with him. PlayerProfiler has Victor Cruz as Aiyuks best comparable and I will eat that up all day. Who wouldn’t want to salsa with Victor Cruz and Kyle Shanahan?. He will get him in space and let him show off his long arms and YAC ability. Aiyuk may not be the sexiest pick right now when you compare him to names like Ruggs or Reagor. Draft Aiyuk now so in a few szns when we look back I won't have to say Aiy-told-u-so. (2.02- 2.10 / a steal in the 2nd) 



I really liked this landing spot before Gruden went and grabbed almost every WR in the draft. I believe in Gruden's ability to use his players the right way but damn. Which players is he going to use. Ruggs is clearly the fastest WR on the team but I’m having trouble seeing him consistently produce for fantasy owners on a week to week basis. I predict Henry Ruggs to have a similar rookie szn to that of a Mr. Hollywood Brown. But then repeat that same year every year for 4 szns. A few big games that will balance it his end of year ranking but his PPG will be a mess. I see the attraction to the speed but don't let it run away with your 1st round pick. (1.08 - 2.04 / I don't want him)



This mofo is going to be wearing #85 so i'm all in even more than I already was. His game is nothing like the great Ochocinco's but I think he can be just as productive given some time. I want to roll this guy into a joint and smoke him, that's how much I love him. Tee is a few letters away from three and which makes him my WR3. He might be the next AJ Green and who better to teach him how to play like AJ Green than AJ Green. My favorite part from all the tape on Tee Higgins is how he uses his big body to win in the air. At 6’4” he has that freakish size for a WR and uses his body to block out defenders. Something that other WRs can't seem to figure out. Be patient and let Burrow and Higgins become the next big QB/WR duo in the NFL. (1.11 - 2.04 / Tee time for 1.10 please) 



Did multiple WR needy teams pass on him? Yes. Did the Jets get an absolute steal in the draft with this freak? Also yes. Mims is big and fast and reminds me of an unpolished Demaryious Thomas but not as good of a route runner or overall football player… but that doesn't mean he can’t improve his skills. With Perriman and Crowder there now, Mims can step in as the third option and work his way up the depth chart. I would expect him to be one of Darnolds top targets by the end of the szn and for many years to come. He already has the natural athletic ability, just needs to clean up his technique and learn how to use his speed to get more separation and avoid having to make contested catches.  His elite body control allowed him to make some wild catches on the field in college but it won't be the same in the NFL. My only concern here is why did Mims fall in the draft? What did teams know that we didn't. Whatever it was, I don't care because I want me some Mims. Him falling like this to the Jets is actually going to be better for rookie draft value. He will outlast many of those drafted before him, just wait and see. (2.4- 3.12 / easy 2nd round smash)


Mr. Lavishka Shenault the part time #FreakAthlete. I say part time because when Vishka is not on the field he's nursing an injury. My biggest concern is not about talent, size, or speed. But he seems like a guy whose body won’t hold up for his playstyle (ex: Derrius Guice)

Landing in Jax with Minshew is an ideal fit for me because Minshew can dance around and elude pressure in the pocket to give Vishka enough time to find space and show off his YAC ability. Jay Gruden as an OC has a knack for producing top level fantasy WRs. Vishka won’t make his money on the outside catching contested deep balls, they can leave that to Chark. Vishka will be the guy taking screens and running over linebackers and DBs on end arounds. A bright spot is I would expect him to get some of that receiving work that Fournette got last szn but never took advantage of. I only want Vishka if I know he will be playing the Deebo Samuel role. Is he worth a 2nd round pick? I would say yes, but late and  not over a guy like Aiyuk, Pittman, or Mims. I don’t see his path to long term success in the league so I am probably not drafting him but I understand the attraction. (2.04 - 2.12  / meh late 2nd) 


Maybe one of the most interesting WR landing spots in my opinion. I fuckin like this kid!! Michael Pittmann Jr!!!  Pittman has the NFL in his blood. So I will take that information and pretend like it makes a big difference. But seriously, learning the game from a pro can be super beneficial for any young talent. My issue with Pittman is his landing spot. RIvers can't throw the ball downfield like he used to and Pittman got down and dirty on the deep balls in college. HIs big body lets him go up and box out defenders to grab those contested targets. My biggest concern here is what happens when Phil leaves? Eason take over? He has a big arm but is not accurate. It's weird how such an overall great team can have such a big question mark at QB. I wonder how much they actually believe in Phil or if they just plan to run the ball 35 times a game with Mack and JT behind that monster O line. I like the talent but nervous about the future of his QB. With that being said I will take a chance on talent and hope the rest gets worked out. (2.04 - 2.12 / give me the talent)


Ok so I had to do some research on this fella because he was a stranger to me on draft day. After evaluating the situation, I want to buy the Van. We're not talking about a soccer mom minivan here. This guy is like a brand new Chevy Astro Van, the GOAT of Vans. Seriously, they are the coolest go google them. What do you think? Sick right? Ok, back to football for a sec. This dude got it done in the SEC with both Ole Miss and Florida. McVay is a smart football coach even though I feel like the Rams are on the verge of a collapse. Goff still needs WRs to target in the future. Cooks is off to HOU while Robert Woods only has 1.1 million dead cap in 2021 szn so im predicting the Rams try and use Van to replace him next szn and save 7.5 mill by cutting Woods. Don’t expect much production this szn because this Van will be parked in the driveway behind the everyday vehicle (Robert Woods) and until they sell that vehicle they just won't be driving the Van that much. (2.08 - 3.08 / buy the van)


Chase is an athlete no doubt about it but is he a WR or a TE? I honestly don't care because I am not drafting him with Juju and Diontae thurr. Plus Ben already has one foot out the door so the QB future is a big question mark. My only hope is this gets Juju back in the slot. I like Juju in the slot. If Claypool gets the nod at TE he will have my interest but until that's the case I will pass on Claypool. (2.10 - 3.08 / no chase for me) 


One of my favorite WR prospects coming out of the draft. I'm pissed he's a Raider to be honest because I hate the Raiders but I like this landing spot for a few reasons. One of them is the kid can ball and showed that for four szns in the sec with average QB play at best. The second is that the Raiders WR depth chart is a mess right now and you will get him at a value in your drafts. Be patient because it will take at least a szn for Edwards to carve out his role but I believe he will be top WR on the Raiders depth chart in a year or two. Don’t draft Ruggs in the late 1st when you can have Edwards in the mid-late 2nd. Come on baby!! Don't do that!! Get your shares now before it's becomes ELE = Everybody Loves Edwards (2.06 - 3.08 / I want in late 2nd please and thank you) 


Not going to say much here. I like the talent but just don't see a path to targets anytime soon. Not while Evans, Godwin, Gronk, Scotty, Rojo and now Vaughn. If you want to throw a late third or 4th at him to stash I wouldn't hate it because he has the talent. Buyer beware, he may never get the opportunity to shine. (3.08 - 4.10 / ill chuck at 4th at him)


If he changes his name to Antonio Gold I will make him my WR1. At 6’4” 223 he is surprisingly very fluid in his route running, but could learn to create more separation. Lands on the Redskins with no real competition outside of McLaurin which is a definite upside.  My favorite trait of Antonio Gold is his hands. The guy might have the best hands in the class that nobody is talking about. Go watch some of his highlight catches, they are stupendous. Another value WR that I can see playing longer than guys like Ruggs or Reagor. He will be available in the third round of most rookie drafts, just like his new teammate (McLaurin) was last year. (3.02 - 4.01 / strike gold in the third) 


A little rocket ship ready to take off!!! But it’s some crowded airspace. His speed gives him the ability to take a slant 75 yards to the house untouched, but how often will he actually do that? Love the pick more for the Broncos than I do for fantasy. He has to compete with Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy (WR1), Noah Fant, and Melvin Gordon for targets. Going to be hard to count on him for anything more than a boom or bust flex play. (3.04 - 3.12 / ehh but go broncos!)


They all stink. Take a shot on one in the 4th or whatever… 

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