5 Players Most Likely to be on Championship Rosters

Playoff schedules



Javonte Williams

Najee Harris


The entire 49ers team

Trey Lance - San Francisco 49ers

Because you get him late, you're loading up the front of your roster.

And then Weeks 11-17, I mean:

That's just insanity, The playoff schedule might just be the easiest in the NFL.

They have a stretch in the middle of their schedule, after their Week 6 bye where its IND, CHI, ARZ, LAR, if we see Jimmy G struggle there, it's possible Lance takes it over then, or before then.

This also works with Trey Sermon, we know rookie RBs take a minute to get the workload we want them to get. Later on in the season, decent chance Mostert is already hurt by then. 


Tampa Bay Passing O



Terry McLaurin - Washington

The only real opposition to have to Terry is the target competition they added to their roster in Washington. Curtis Samuel, Dyami Brown and Adam Humphries. Curtis Samuel already banged up.


Javonte Williams - Denver Broncos

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