5 BUST PROOF Draft Picks in 2021 Fantasy Football

5 BUST PROOF Draft Picks in 2021 Fantasy Football

Some of them will be more obvious, obviously. There aren't many bust-proof players in rounds, 7 8 9... or they wouldnt be bust proof bitch. 

Sometime you just need a player that'll anchor your team. You're emotionally unstable. You've been hurt too many times, so you need a sure thing. Sorry this is getting too personal.

Like animal last year at the TE position. He had more 0 point games from his TE position than he did TE1 weeks. We've got a couple of options for him in 2021 that are bust-proof.


I asked you guys on Instagram (make sure you're following @bdge__) who you guys had on your list for bust-proof players

the most popular answers included

- calvin ridley, bobby trees, nick chubb, keenan allen, travis kelce, 

Nick Chubb - Browns

Absolute free square here.

Tom Brady - Bucs

Current ADP: 101 | QB11

I mean this dude, came into Tampa, ran up a 4600-40 line and no one is talking about it. If RoJo or Lenny had fingers on top of their nubs Brady might've graced the land of 5k.

Evans, Godwin, AB - all missed some of the year, were injured. Second year together, really improved offensive line, Brady might set career-highs in everything efficiency related.

He gets to play the Falcons retched pass defense twice. The Panthers recthed pass defense twice. The Saints, 


Keenan Allen - Chargers

Current ADP: 29 | WR10

Perennially underrated and disrespected and now he has an absolute slinger at QB with a much improved offensive line? Stop it.

Hunter Henry is gone.

This is going to be a much faster-paced offense under Herbert in Year 2.


Allen finished as the WR11 last year in PPG (half ppr - WR6 in full PPR), you take out the game that Tyrod was the QB, and Week 15 when he played 25% of the snaps because of the hamstring injury that cost him the last two weeks of the year, 

He's arguably the best value pick in fantasy football this year, and his upside could be massive because Hunter Henry a typical redzone threat is gone and we don't know Herbert's ceiling.


Robert Woods

It's like clockwork

He won't bust, and I prefer Kupp to Woods, because I think their end-of-season statistics will be similar but Kupp has more TD upside.



T.J. Hockenson - Lions

Current ADP: 63 | TE6

You want a safe TE, that you know will give you a solid 7-8 fantasy points every game, with the occasional big play or touchdown, you're looking at him.

No more Kenny Golladay, no more Marvin Jones. It's literally just Hockenson, Swift and TRASH at WR. 

Hockenson saw 100 targets last year. He's easily going to hit that this year, and probably build on it as more of a focal point in the offense.

Do I think he has the upside to break into the top tier, not really, no, I don't think he's explosive enough to really turn 100-110 targets into 1100 yards, he had 101 targets last year and finished with 720 yards, but that seems to be a nice floor for him.

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