3 Players SKYROCKETING Up My Rankings Right Now

3 Players SKYROCKETING Up My Rankings Right Now

Kyler Murray - Cardinals

I can't stop taking Kyler Murray earlier and earlier in drafts. I just think regardless of league setting, 

Murray was the highest scoring player in fantasy football from Weeks 1-16. Murray entered Week 17 with a leg injury, before getting his ankle rolled on and missing the rest of the game. Josh Allen passed him in scoring to sit atop the throne. Kyler's 2020 fantasy point total (392.7) would've seen him finish as fantasy's #1 overall player in 5 of the previous 10 seasons.

That's a 16-game pace of 485.9 fantasy points.

AKA, the single greatest fantasy football season of all time.

Recently held by Lamar Jackson's 2019 season (415.7), and Patrick Mahomes' 2018 thumping and thrashing (415.1). Kyler's 2020 pace would've given you a 4.7 fantasy point per game edge ON TOP of the highest fantasy scoring season of all time.

Yeah they're talking about him running less, I just think athletes don't do that. Elite athletes, athlete. And that's Kyler.


CeeDee Lamb - Cowboys

I'm getting more and more worried about Amari Cooper as we head into August soon.

He got put on the PUP which is whatever, the summer PUP means less than a u up text. 

But Jerry Jones is saying he wont practice until after the first preseason game. That worries me. A lot, when we're already projecting a player as week to week, in August. I'm nervous.

I can see if he was practicing in limited fashion and they're like he's not going to play in the preseason games for precautionary reasons. idk mane. this sounds bad to me. 

"Cooper was reportedly "2-3 weeks" away from returning to the field in mid-June." Lie #1. Injury lies tend to lead to more injury lies. It'll go from ready for training camp to ready for preseason games, to ready for Week 1, to a Week 3 r-injury.

The next man up to benefit from something going wrong(er) with Cooper's recovery is CeeDee Lamb. Ceedee came in went 111-74-935-5 as a rookie, added 10-82-1 on the ground so he actually went over 1000 yfs as a rookie.

He's already a very good separator as a receiver, was a dominant prospect

And last week in my elite WR ceiling video, I talked about the pace of Dallas' offense under Kellen Moore isn't a fluke we now have a 2-year sample size of them being the fastest pace team in the NFL which has lead to insane volume.  And we looked at a few different charts in regards to the volume we can project for this passing offense and what type of target share numbers the WRs in Dallas would need to have certain numbers of targets. CeeDee would only need to see 18-20% of the teams targets to see crazy target numbers with their pace/volume.

If something does happen to Amari's foot, I'd imagine Lamb would be closer to the 22-24% target share range and that's a scary high number for a beast like him. 140-150 targets is not impossible for CeeDee whatsoever.


David Montgomery - Bears

We spoke on this a lot last week - but the injury news here for Tarik Cohen is baaaad for him.

Anytime you're having injury pessimism at this point in the summer, it's a huge red flag. It's all rainbows and butterflies for every player right now. The fact that Cohen is getting bad news is grosssss.

And sure Damien Williams and Khalil Herbert, but they're breather backs they're not there to replace Tarik Cohen's role. Both of their skillsets are made pretty redundant by D-Mont.

it's not brain surgery to tell you that Montgomery's numbers are good when Cohen isn't on the field:

What I didnt know is that he averaged over 100 yfs in games without Cohen, the 12-game sample. That's big time. We can't just project Cohen to miss a ton of time, but this could very well end up being like a Rashaad Penny situation, where he's missing games, he's less than 100% healthy for most of the others.. just bad everywhere and Mont is a big-time player again.

Both of their first two picks Justin Fields and Teven Jenkins are assets to Montgomery and should open up holes in their own ways.

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