Top Wide Receiver Free Agents in 2021

Top Wide Receiver Free Agents in 2021

Huge free agent group at WR - almost definitely the most talented position group among free agents this year.

But also another really deep class at WR in the DRAFT

Teams with WR needs: MIA, PHI, DET (KG/MJ FA), NE, NYJ (Perriman FA), BAL, LV (Agholor FA), WFT, NYG, GB, CHI (Arob FA)

Almost easier to name the teams that dont.

Allen Robinson

Can be franchised by Chicago, but unlikely - and there just seems to be no way ARob plays another down in CHI with their QB situation. This man could spin a globe around and blindly land his finger on a better QB situation.

The Giants make a lot of sense for Allen Robinson, unfortunately. They need a legitimate WR1 on the outside. Slayton makes a big play every 4 games, Shepard is good for 7-52. Tate is probably gonna be elsewhere.


Chris Godwin

I think there actually is a very good chance he is franchised by TB. It was a down year for Godwin, but the whole TB team was funky all year with Brady coming in as a new QB, the addition of Brown, Godwin and Evans in and out of the lineup. He only played in 12 games, another couple of which he was limited in. He finished with 84-65-840-7, over 16 games thats 112-87-1120-9.3 , which is not what we expected as fantasy drafters but not terrible and he'll definitely build on that, especially if Brown is out the lineup. Godwin was much more of a floor play in 2020 than a ceiling, going over 100 yards receiving just once after doing it 6 times in 2019. 

Godwin is a fantastic receiver, a juiced up, athletic version of juju-smith schuster, who turns 25 at the end of february. The Bucs should franchise him, run it byke with Brady one more time and figure it out next off-season. Godwin will be back in the high-end WR2 status if that's the case and I think he'll be a rock-solid bounce back candidate to hit WR1 numbers in 2021.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Speaking of JuJu, let's go there.

He's still wildly young with a couple of great seasons under his belt. I just don't think JuJu is that great of a receiver personally. He's good branding for a team, but this is something I talked about a lot last offseason, JuJu seems to be way more invested into building his personal brand than putting all of his time and energy into football. And there's nothing wrong with that, I respect someone that doesn't box themselves in life - i talk about stuff like that a lot in my content that's not fantasy football related -- but since we're talking fantasy football, it's not a plus.

He's a slot wide receiver. Rarely do we see him go outside and play an alpha role - it doesn't really feel like he can do that. With Diontae Johnson and Claypool semingly the future of the WRs in PIT, I see little reason to think he's byke next year.

IMO, he'd have to land in a perfect situation for his value to go up here. There have been reports of him to the Jets, which I would hate for obvious reasons, football, but also landing in NYC, what do you think that will do to his off-field ambitions.

GB is far and away best case scenario, as it probably is for anyone that catches passes for a living thanks to the guy that would be throwing them those passes for a living. 

JuJu could wind up in New York. Or in Washington with the football team.


Kenny Golladay

Very likely franchise tagged.

Marvin Jones also a free agent, I'd be surprised if he stuck around. They have ehhh almost nothing at WR behind Jones but that got some flashes from some young guys like Quintez Cephus who they might want to give a bigger role in year 2. Hockenson obviously emerged as a target as did D'Andre Swift out of the backfield. If they let Golladay go, good lord is it going to be an ugly look in Detroit for their WR group.

We've heard a ton of hype around Golladay to the Giants which make a ton of sense. The Giants are at pick 11 in the draft this year, so they're going to miss out on Jamar Chase and Devonta Freeman, with MIA, DET, PHI all ahead of NYG, so they're going to be pushing HARD to land Golladay or Allen Robinson.


Will Fuller

Do the Texans go out and let their WR1 go in byke to byke off-seasons? Does the currently worst run franchise in the NFL, somehow ask themselves to hold their beer?

Now, I drafted Fuller in a few spots this year, but tbh never did I imagine him nearly replacing DeAndre Hopkins' production to a near 90-95%. Man was he fucking good. On pace for nearly 1300 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2021 before the suspension.

The outcome here is really, really wide for Fuller. Firs things first - he's had a ton of trouble obviously staying on the field, which might deter the Texans from giving him a fatty. He finally did stay on the field this year, and then got popped for using PEDs, which was probably the reason he did. Him missing a game or two, whatever he's going to miss in 2021 won't pay into the bigger picture of a long-term contract but it's just something noteworthy in the larger look at things.

Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston. It doesn't seem like Fuller's contract is playing any part in that right now. 

Fuller is going to want to max out a deal. And I know this is the most public-y landing spot, but Green Bay makes sense. Imagine Fuller was the one getting all those MVS targets this year? Him and Davante Adams might combine for 3000 receiving yards. My god.

If Fuller is back in HOU with Watson under center, he'll be a high-end WR2, that's probably going to be drafted a little too high for me, as a WR1. If it's without Watson, best case scenario is a trade for Tua which at least keeps some semblance of QB hope. But Fuller would be a risky 5-6th round pick that I'd probably stay away from. He makes his money downfield and Watson is gorgeous delivering it into his bread basket. 

We'll make another FA video once all the players land and talk about their values again.


Curtis Samuel

The problem with a free agent signing of Curtis Samuel, is that Curtis Samuel gets signed based on the Curtis Samuel production of this year because Carolina used Curtis Samuel like Curtis Samuel should be used, and the new team won't use him in the way that the production they signed him for was produced. #CurtisSamuel

Samuel, on the last year of his rookie contract finally broke out after being a popular breakout pick in each of the first three seasons. Joe Brady used him to perfection, eclipsing 1050 yfs in 15 games, getting 41 rush attempts, finishing the year with a 5-107 | 7-52 game in Week 16 and an 11-7-118 game in Week 17.

He was the fantasy WR25 on the year, despite being 2nd fiddle to Robby Anderson and DJ Moore.

Now, if he doesn't land in a place that will use him like Joe Brady did, we'll probably see him revert to Year 3 Curtis Samuel.

Samuel in San Fran would be pretty wild. Him, Deebo, Aiyuk and Kittle on the field at the same time. Jimmy G literally wouldn't have to throw the ball past the line of scrimmage. Kyle Shanahan absolutely chomping at the bit.

Corey Davis

The Titans gotta wanna be jumping off the upper deck for not picking up his option. He's the perfect #2 that will get like not attention on him with AJB coming into his superstar breakout year and Henry being the center of attention of defenses. His fourth year in the league would have seen him top 70 receptions and 1000 receiving yards but he only played in 14 games.

We saw a few Corey Davis games, he had three separate games of 0 catches-0 yards this year but also went over 100 rec. yards 5 times... only Ridley, Diggs, DHop, Adams and Justin Jefferson had more games. He finished the year 8th in yards per target and 4th in yards per route run. AJ Brown one spot ahead of him. Absolutely love what play action did for the efficiency of this offense. I'm actually talking myself into liking the Falcons signing of Arthur Smith as our head coach. To be 

The worst situation would be Davis signing on somewhere as a WR1 and getting the CB1 - it aint gonna workout. Ideally, the Titans would say fuck a sunk cost and resign him.

This has Jets written all over it tbh. Which maybe wont be the worst if Denzel Mims' breakout is on the horizon. Maybe Washington, Las Vegas 5 years 92 milion, who says no??



TY Hilton

If they re-sign Rivers it might make sense to bring Hilton byke for continuity and take one more stab at this thing.


Marvin Jones

Hey ain't coming byke to DET, but one landing spot I do love for Jones would be Cleveland. Rashard Higgins is a free agent and Marvin Jones is like an upgraded version of Higgins.

He can finish his career competing for a chip. OBJ working his way back from injury.

It's a good fit. So good it almost definitely won't happen.

A lot of the teams that need WRs are bad. Jones doesn't have time to waste on bad teams, so I think if not Cleveland, Baltimore makes a ton of sense to rock on the outside with Hollywood and Duverney inside. Let him get a 2 year deal to play out Jackson's rookie deal (extension obviously but).


Sammy Watkins

Man, he's just really not good at football at all.

Like he's fine. He's literally the frozen yogurt flavor of ice cream. I'd prefer regular yogurt or regular ice cream, but you'll eat it because you don't have any ice cream in the fridge, but you're barely going to enjoy it. That's what Patrick Mahomes probably feels like throwing Watkins the ball after eating the Half Baked that is Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.


Nelson Agholor

Feel like he re-signs with LV. Like this was one of Gruden's moves and he's gonna feel all sharp and shit from it paying off, and demand he get re-signed. Bad news for Ruggs and Bryan Edwards if that's the case.

He's one of those guys that probably won't be a prized commodity outside of a team that hit on him. It's like being a hipster and finding that band you like. You're always going to like it more than it should be liked.

Breshad Perriman

- Was signed one a one-year deal and he definitely had some good games. Eh he hit like a hot streak of 3-4 okay games.

I wonder what kind of season he would have had if he weren't on the Jets. His catchable target rate ranked 103rd in the NFL lol. He was a good downfield threat, and could see a team like the Jags signing Perriman with like Chris Conley out. That would be like an identical lose this piece of the puzzle here's one that fitz exactly where that piece was - but Perriman is better than Conley. I would like that a lot as the WR3 for Trevor Lawrence. Would lowkey be a nice little offense here with Chark, Viska, Perriman, James Robinson and I expect them to hit the FA market hard for a TE.


Guys that don't matter but will for other people:

  • Willie Snead: gets Devin Duvernay on the field. like that boy alot
  • Larry Fitz: Christian Kirk?
  • Josh Reynolds: van jefferson?
  • Demarcus Robinson: Mecole Hardman (two years in and couldnt beat either robinson or watkins out... eh)
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