2019 Fantasy Football Draft Day Targets Based on Injuries w/ Dr. Jesse Morse

2019 Fantasy Football Draft Day Targets Based on Injuries w/ Dr. Jesse Morse

We're gonna talk about the Washington Redskins backfield, tons of stuff going on there, we're going to talk about knee scopes, what exactly they are should we be worried, Sony Michel and Chris Carson both had them this offseason, I'm sure plenty more are coming this summer, so you'll have a better understanding of what they mean, we'll talk about AJG and Julio are both dealing with "foot" injuries and what their rehab process is like and lastly some general strategy questions around injuries that I think will make you all better fantasy football players in the long-term.

With that being said, do us a favor and drop a comment down below letting us know which players/types of injuries you want us to talk about that we don't cover today and when we have Dr. Morse back on, we'll try our best to do so. Hit that thumbs up button while you're down there.

- Took his Sports Medicine Board Exam this past Friday -  busy with that but now it's full go in fantasy football mode.

Alright so I'm thinking a mix of players and some of the general strategy Q's we got from twitter today:

Washington Redskins Backfield

    • We have a lot to dissect in this backfield - I'll run through the situation quickly before I hand it over.
    • Chris Thompson has had ridiculous injury problems dating back to college - a vertebrae fracture at Florida State followed by a torn ACL. Then he torn the labrum in his shoulder. Gets to the pros, same thing, bruise his back/verterbrae, His rookie NFL season saw him play two games because of that same torn labrum in his shoulder again. He has that massive 2017 season before having it cut short after 10 games because of a broken right fibula, comes back last year, plays in 10 games because of a bunch of rib injuries.
    • He's going to turn 29 in October - it sounds to me like CT just ain't it. But, if deployed in a very light-volume role, maybe he can be and that seems to be the case given how many heads are in this backfield.
    • Including Derrius Guice, the ultra-talented LSU product who missed his entire rookie season because of a torn ACL last summer. He had some sort of infection which pushed his rehab back a few months, people get all hyped at Instagram clips and 15-second Twitter videos - like holy shit guys if there's one thing you learn from muy hundreds of hours of video content all summer, don't ever let a 15-second video clip on twitter of a photograph of a shirtless running back change your perception on a player in the slightest. Regardless, Guice pulls a hamstring probably a few weeks ago on his rehab, terrible news for his 2019 outlook - we already didn't like him, but now this seems like a total deal-breaker right now.
    • They sign AP to a two-year deal - they can get rid of him if they wanted to next year with very little financial issue, but it tells you something about Guice, AP wouldn't sign to just ride the bench.
    • And lastly, we have Bryce Love who tore his ACL on December 1, so he's not on our mind for 2019 fantasy football.
    • Doc, tell us what we're doing in this backfield please/

    Knee Scopes

      • What are they?
      • We hear about them all the time. Is it just a way to look inside someone's knee. What sort of event would trigger a player to get a knee scope though? Or is it just like a regular checkup thing for people who have bad news and you say, ok we're going to get a knee scope every 6 months or once a year or something?
      • Should we be worried when a player gets a knee scope? How close to the season should that worry us?
      • We know that Chris Carson and Sony Michel both recently had them. So hit us with the big facts on knee scopes.

      Julio Jones and A.J. Green

        • Let's talk about feet.
        • Not in a weird way.
        • We have two 30-year-old, superstar NFL WRs with foot issues right now - Julio Jones and A.J. Green.
        • Let's start with A.J. Green. I'm very concerned with A.J. Green this year, he's coming off of this turf toe which was re-injured at the end of last season, he has surgery which was pretty serious surgery and literally no one is talking about it - as if it didn't matter. Now, I was reading up on this, and apparently Antonio Gates reached out to A.J. Green, or vice versa, they talked about the injury together because Gates suffered the same thing back in the 2008 NFL season, and it was at an even later point in the season, all the way in January - Gates went on to play the full 16 games the following year. His production dipped compared the prior year and the following year, by about 25% across the board.aj green 2019 fantasy football
        • What are we to make of what's going on with Green - do we have any updates on his injury?

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